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Is D.A. Bonnie Dumanis' lawsuit against the state a political move for her mayoral campaign?


anthony studebaker Says:

Thu, Jul 28 2011 01:32 PM

We are a small but fast growing grass roots org. who has uncovered a very dangerous situation in San Diego CA

BONNIE DUMANIS IS A DANGER TO CHILDREN has given a deaf to this dangerous situation; we have now filed a law suit in federal court to stop this dangerous situation, WIIL YOU PLEASE HELP GET THE WORD OUT OF THIS DANGEROUS SITUATION?

See details at www.lawsuit.tk


larry Thrall Says:

Wed, May 18 2011 08:53 PM

In a non-stop quest for westcoast power, the non-stop lying trophy, goes to Bonnie D. She is willing to burn at the stake , any who get in her way. This has never been about the law, but rather the constipated wailings of an old dooosh bag. Drag you and the rest of your team of skanks out of town and while you are at it look up #10 on the bill of rights. We had a very competant Asian prosecutor who knew the LAW and she was traded for this federal prosecutor stuck on stupid. Disappear Bonnie, the law is bigger than you.

Nancy Pieren Says:

Wed, May 18 2011 02:43 PM

Of course it's a political move! All she really cares about is getting convictions, even to the point of NOT testing all the evidence, (or hiding the results if not in her offices favor), and freely charges INNOCENT teens (tricked in to confessing) and a young mother ('evidence' was the way she grieved!) with First-Degree Murder! After many of our tax $ went to those cases, the Courts had to step in, dropping the charges against all four! What a waste, Dumanis! San Diego does NOT need another District Attorney like Dumanis! San Diego cannot afford a Mayor doing the same 'willie-nillie' behaviors as Dumanis did as District Attorney!

carrie Says:

Mon, May 16 2011 06:56 AM

Bonnie Dumanis is nothing more than an insincere political weasel with a power fixation. She will stop at nothing to attain her goals & desires.
It doesn't matter if she steps all over the truth and that justice is perverted during her tyrannical rein-it is just part of the process to Bonnie.

She has a pack of DA investigators who are nothing more than a hired bunch of dogs to do her dirty work. And her Assistant D.A.'s are more concerned with their Chanel suits or perfectly coiffed hair, than with the lives they are ruining at Bonnie's behest!

Know the truth about this affront to all that is good and decent about public service! Pray that you, too, do not get cancer and need medical marijuana to tolerate chemotherapy's side effects. Hope your son doesn't come back from Iraq with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and need to smoke a medicinal joint to relax.

Because, God forbid, then you too, must constantly be looking over your shoulders or wondering if someone is a snitch setting you up, just so Bonnie can get some "drug" convictions to look "tough on crime" for the voters!

christine martin Says:

Sun, May 15 2011 07:54 PM

People of San Diego: Remember Diana Gonzalez!
We are Diana! We may be a single mom; maybe a student; perhaps not a wealthy person without connections. Do we NOT deserve justice from the District Attorney's office as much as the rich cronies and fat cat friends of Bonnie?

Bonnie Dumanis thought so little of poor Diana Gonzalez and realized Diana's case was of no use to her so Bonnie cut Diana's's ex jailbird husband out of jail where he sought revenge on Diana. I think we know what happened next-Diana Gonzalez was raped and stabbed to death by someone Bonnie Dumanis should have kept in jail but couldn't be bothered! That would be her ex-husband, who dragged Diana into the men's room at City College and left that poor girl dead in a pool of her own blood. GET A CLUE, SAN DIEGO! NOT DUMANIS!

another victim of DA INCOMPETENCE Says:

Sun, May 15 2011 07:10 PM

Bonnie Dumanis is a sham and an affront to justice in San Diego. She does not care for the Nunez family or their plight; is just using them to garner publicity for her mayoral campaign.

The problem for Bonnie is: the medical marijuana community resents the heavy-handed approach she has used against them (again for publicity) and the many victims she has persecuted unjustly.

Yes, there are many with an ax to grind, including myself, who almost went to trial for "emailing a DJ against a court order"; I cannot tell you how much tax-payer money Bonnie wasted coming after me based on a pack of lies that could and should have been uncovered by due diligence on Bonnie's part.

It will be a cold day in Hell when all the people Bonnie has messed with give that judicial tyrant a free pass to run for Mayor of San Diego. She made her bed on the backs of many innocent people and now she can go lie in it.

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