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Should SUHSD Superintendent Jesus Gandara be fired?


Guest Says:

Wed, Jun 22 2011 12:43 PM

I have been browsing this web site and found this survey, 2 days after Gandera was so called "fired";. Well, they got rid of him all right, along with a hefty check and pension. Why is it this survey came out in April, with over 95% of the people saying he should be fired and yet nothing was done until June 21st? Was it so the board and Gandera can hold off his leaving until he has enough "vacation/sick" time to bring him coincidentally right up to the day he will become vested in a retirement pension? What can Gandera possibly have on the board for them to approve such a deal? Something really smells fishy to me.

Sam Says:

Tue, Jun 14 2011 07:43 AM

YES! He needs to be fired ASAP! He needs to feel the pain he has caused so many employees in this district. Before he came there were a lot of class act directors/employees. Slowly one by one if they spoke up they were gone. Either buy quiting, retiring or being demoted for no reason. After they are done with him they need to clean house of all that sold their souls to him like Maria Castilleja and Oscar Medina, the principals that break laws and get promoted and then we remove a few from the board. We need term limits on these board members. Perhaps if they could only be there for 8 years they will focus on what they were voted into. However, i think if Dr. G. is fired you are going to see a lot of lawsuits filed against the board. They are all crooks!

Sam Says:

Tue, Jun 14 2011 07:40 AM


Anthony S. Oprano Says:

Mon, Jun 13 2011 07:22 AM

Absolutely, he should be termination immediately. There are only two choices - leave now, or stay and face possible criminal charges for fraud.

Karen Stubbs-Janney Says:

Sun, Jun 12 2011 08:43 PM

He should not be fired. Finally someone has the guts to make the right decisions.

Lee Diggs Says:

Sun, Jun 12 2011 07:41 PM

Gandara has got to go. He has done nothing but bring dishonor to both the South Bay and the district. The good people of this region have been fighting all kinds of negative stereotypes and reputations, only to see Gandara and his drones to set the South Bay back. I say that before Gandara's contract ends, he should spend the rest of his time covering O-Room classes, cover Saturday schools, & should pick up trash at lunch time with middle school students who misbehave in class. May him pay a little before he is banished forever.

Lee Diggs Says:

Sun, Jun 12 2011 07:28 PM

Gandara has got to go.

green girl Says:

Wed, Apr 20 2011 11:05 PM

Yes, I do believe that Mr. Gandara should be fired. He has led poorly. Neither teachers (majority), administrators (majority, district employees (majority) or parents have confidence in his leadership abilities.

Questions raised by persons attending the Board Meetings go without response.

Additionally I believe that the Board should be voted out as well. They have also let the Community down - for example - spending our tax dollars on expensive meals right along with Mr. Gandara. Not to mention the outrageously high attorney fees we are paying.

bbqgrylls Says:

Tue, Apr 19 2011 07:09 AM

The pompous ass should resign, he, the staff and the current board of SUHSD are making our district into a laughing stock for the arrogance and conflict of interest exhibited in their planning, spending and decision-making.

David Walden Says:

Mon, Apr 18 2011 11:47 PM

Mr. Gandara should most certainly be fired, no severance, no good bye card, nothing. He has violated the public's trust by his excessive and abusive spending, all while the School District, City and state are enduring severe budget cuts. I have witnessed firsthand senior leaders within the Navy ranks who committed the same credit card abuse and they lost their jobs / careers. No double standards! You violate the public's trust and you must be dismissed. Quick and appropriate action by the Board of Trustees will prevent reoccurrence, establish the standard by which all future Superintendents shall follow. Failure to take such warranted and appropriate action will only lead to more fraud at the tax payers expense.

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