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Who do you like for National City City Council?

Frank Lopez
Luis Natividad
Mona Rios
Ditas Yamane

Avelino M. Santos, Jr. Says:

Sat, Oct 23 2010 08:00 AM

Ditas Yamane is more than qualified to be a member of the city council of National City. Her track record as a business owner and community leader shows beyond an iota of doubt that she will make good as a councilwoman in the City of National City. But what struck me most the first time I met her is the aura of sincerety about her that wins people on her side- a quality that can win the approval of her colleges in taking important projects for the good of the residents of National City

Francis Ople Says:

Sat, Oct 23 2010 03:58 AM

I've only known Ms. Ditas for a short time but I have heard a lot of good things about her before. After finally getting the opportunity to meet her, I found out that she is genuinely a kind-hearted person with sincerity in her work and in helping others.
I would say that she is my mentor and a good friend. Get to know her personally and you will find out for yourself how great a person she really is!

Jack Bauer Says:

Fri, Oct 22 2010 04:51 PM

Luis Natividad has some nerve running for council again, after he walked away from the job. He is a dirty politician and is slimy as they come. He is political bully who uses threats and intimidation to get what he wants. He regularly engages in sexual harassment of female employees when he was a councilman. He is everything a corrupt politician drunk with power is. He is a bad choice for National City. If he gets elected, he and Sotelo-Solis will be making back room deals among themselves to undermine Mayor Morrison and other council person's trying to good for NC. The two good choices are Frank Lopez and Ditas Yamane. I believe they have NC's best interest at heart.They are both independent thinkers that use good common sense. Mona Rios lacks the confidence to be effective. She will be easily swayed by the likes of Natividad and Sotelo-Solis. NC needs people with vision for the future, not politicians out for themselves. Lets move NC forward not backwards. A vote for Natividad will be a definite backwards step.

Wilma Fernandez Ventura Says:

Fri, Oct 22 2010 12:09 PM

I didn't know much about Ditas Yamane until about three years ago. She came to my bakery in National City during her campaign. After meeting her personally and talking to her, I realize she's a good person. She talked a lot about helping the community and small businesses like what I have. My opinion is that Ditas Yamane will do a lot more for National City. She has the drive and the background to do it.

Chris Ebenezer Says:

Fri, Oct 22 2010 10:02 AM

I have known Ditas for more than five years and have seen as to what an industrious woman she is. National City certainly needs someone like her, who will work for their cause. Thanks for conducting this poll

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