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Do you support the labor union or the Sweetwater Union High School District in current labor negotiations?

Labor union
School district

anniej Says:

Tue, Apr 08 2014 05:00 PM

Mr. Danciu: your eloquent words are a reflection of Americas working mans past - it appears some are interested in turning back the hands of time and rendering this Countries peoples into 'have and have nots' - that Sir is unacceptable.

Let us all reflect on the job these educators are charged with - EDUCATING AMERICAS FUTURE LEADERS. Such an important task, and one I could not do.

David Danciu Says:

Tue, Apr 08 2014 11:57 AM

I am in agreement that the poll question could have been better. A lot of media stories and so called news segments tend to paint the "unions" with a negative brush. Picket lines, meeting disruptions, etc. America was at its best when working Americans were in a union. Dismantling of these organizations has contributed to the wealth inequality so prevalent today. Teachers are a community's asset, not liability, so I say negotiate fairly, come to agreement and move on to the task at hand.

sosocal Says:

Sun, Apr 06 2014 09:36 AM

What is that rumbling in the distance?

Why, I do believe it is the sound of an informed populace beginning to awake and stand up to the miserable representation they have had from the Sweetwater Board of Trustees!

If Larry Anderson of TriCity can get the boot, if Ian Campbell of SD Opera can be booed and hissed off the stage, then it might only be a matter of time before Sweetwater is free from Ed Brand, his pals and his administrative disasters. And--how can I forget--his unspeakable arrogance toward taxpayers, teachers and the students he supposedly is working to educate. Except the example of Ed Brand is, of course, everything we do not want our young people to be.

Oh, and Star-News, can you please make at least a token effort at a reasonably written poll? Just humor me once, ok?

Jason Leichter Says:

Sat, Apr 05 2014 09:26 PM

By using the rather loaded term union, rather than teachers or the correct term, The Sweetwater Education Association, (SEA), the hard working people who strive each day to support and provide quality education to your children, the poll is inherently biased toward the district. By using the word district, rather than naming the superintendent, Edward Brand, and the Board of Trustees, 2 who have now resigned in disgrace and 2 more who are still charged with corruption and more you again offer an unrealistic view of the people involved. The district, as you choose to call it has consistently reneged on promises made, unfairly imposed draconian health insurance rates that have hurt families and after writing a 127 page request for an injunction against the Sweetwater Teacher's Association, the union as you call it received a 1 sentence reply from the Public Employees Relationship Board denying their request. The next time you offer a poll on this issue, please assure to you accurate terminology to identify the people involved.

anniej Says:

Sat, Apr 05 2014 09:20 PM

Ed Brand was not good for this Disrrict the first time around and he has been worse this time around.

First time around he got us into L street - where we bought it for 20+ million then turned it over to a 3rd party - the 3rd party holds the paper but we pay the note. NOW, he! Jim Cartmill and John McCann wants to use our tax dollars YET again to purchase a building on the east side for a new District office - some say it will cost $13 million. Have you seen the campuses of Bonita High or Eastlake High lately?????? WE DO NOT NEED A NEW DISTRICT TO TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER THESE CAMPUSES.

Why is Ed Brand, Jim Cartmill and John McCann using our PUBLIC tax dollars to fund private elementary charter??

anniej Says:

Sat, Apr 05 2014 09:13 PM

I have a recommendation for a poll:

Are you as a taxpaying community member in agreement that SUHSD needs new leadership at the top, in other words Mr. Brand HAS GOT TO GO,,,,

respectfully submitted

Not Impressed Says:

Sat, Apr 05 2014 05:29 PM

Star, if you are not going to put up how many people have voted, don't ask a good question and don't update the percentages, then don't conduct a poll. If you are truly "serving the community" then actually do that. If you are talking "district" as in administration, they are a bunch of crooks that don't deserve any respect! if you are referring to "labor union" as the teachers who work hard every day to educate the citizens of Chula Vista, then yes, you should support them! What is the problem with this town that you can't appreciate the people who work with your children on a one on one basis every day? The people who want to work with less children so that the contact they have with them is more meaningful. You make it seem like the "union" is a bad thing, but the union is basically your teachers. They are not the enemy.

Katrine Czajkowski Says:

Fri, Apr 04 2014 09:07 PM

The wording in the poll makes its "results" useless. We (teacher members of a very specific "labor union" called the Sweetwater Education Association - SEA) are employees of the SUHSD. We are dedicated and loyal to our district, which consists, mostly, of students (not just management/admin). Stripping us of our organizational identity removes credibility and reduces our cause to generic superficiality. We are not fighting for superficial outcomes. What we are asking for are specific indicators of respect for professionalism and recognition of our critical role in this community.

high school teacher Says:

Fri, Apr 04 2014 02:56 PM

all of the comments about the wording of the poll being correct, the public is still 96% in favor of the teachers! Too bad Dr. Brand doesn't appear to listen to public opinion. He says he is working for what is best for students, but how does a new district office on the east side and a charter school that draws students away from our district help our students? I think SMALLER CLASS SIZE is what will help our students the most. Attracting smart, dedicated teachers also helps. What smart teacher wants to go to a school district that doesn't honor its own contract? What teacher would want to move to or stay in a district that intentionally caused some of its own employees to get NEGATIVE paychecks and have to take their own children off of their healthcare???

Ben Cassel Says:

Fri, Apr 04 2014 02:24 PM

Do you support the idea that people should honor the contracts they sign and promises they make, or are those merely suggestions?

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