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Are you surprised that members of the SUHSD school board were indicted by the grand jury?


anniej Says:

Sun, Jan 06 2013 10:06 AM

Voting results are not showing up, not sure if you are aware.

Mary Anne Stro Says:

Sun, Jan 06 2013 08:30 AM

The community has been vocal for more than a year about the questionable actions of this board. In turn, the board, especially Jihn McCann, have held contempt for community members and have made comments to that effect. The board has tried to silence community members and even re-structured board meetings in a way to discourage and/or limit public comment. I hang on to the hope that justice will finally prevail. If these board members had any integrity, they would step down for the good of the district. It's time for a change!

anniej Says:

Sun, Jan 06 2013 08:20 AM

After attending every board meeting for over 3 years THIS WAS EXPECTED! Watching this crew was like watching South Bays own version of the Sopranos minus the violence.

It is a shame that our great community was not together enough to clean our own house, NO, due to the apathy of the community we needed to rely on the government to do our bidding. SHAME ON US!

There is still more cleaning to be done. Brand MUST GO, and so must the "special" friends that were hired as consultants. John McCann you failed us when you brought him back!!!!!!!

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