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The Citizens Bond Oversight Committee recently voted no confidence in SUHSD Superintendent Ed Brand. Now Ed Brand is requiring committee members to disclose financial interests. Is Brand's move vindictive?


Jim Jackson Says:

Wed, Oct 31 2012 12:19 PM

This guy is a complete idiot. He almost ran SUHSD into the ground, then left and paved the way for other corrupt individuals to get onto the board. He runs the district just like the Mafia. His motto should be "what have you done for me lately?" Him and all his crony's are crooked!

anniej Says:

Fri, Oct 19 2012 03:09 PM

yes, in my opinion it is a vindictive move. ed brand started the meeting with a smile on his face, but it did not take long - and the by the end of monday nights meeting he looked as though he was going to have a stroke. he spent the majority of the meeting looking up, looking down, looking over at mccann at cartmill with a look of hostility written all over his face. his face, his head - flaming red with fury. why? well brand does not like being challenged, and he cares even less for listening attentively to members of the community.

as stated by vasquez brand had met with him earlier in the year attempting to justify the districts borrowing prop o bond dollars. vasquez did not bite - vasquez is a man of integrity - a man who is respected by all. brand, mccann, cartmill and ricasa have exposed themselves for the persons they truly are and the motiviation behind their votes - personal and political gain.

interesting that brand wants the boc to fill out 700 forms and yet he is refusing to allow campaign contribution limitations.

the boc does not hire, it does not fire, it does not choose the firms that are given the contracts for our prop o dollars - on the flip side, the board members do hire, they do fire, and they do 'appear' to choose who gets the big contracts (see their votes and compare their votes to the information on the san diego registrar of voters). so why?

which board member allegedly received free home solar and participated in free home tours showcasing the solar? which solar company did the district recently award a contract to for solar?

i would have very much appreciated a story on the actual facts of the contract recently awarded to brand - a detailed listing of all of the benefits - perhaps the community would like to see all of the money that john mccann, jim cartmill and arlie ricasa handed to ed brand on a silver platter - and remember those benefits included THEY COST MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

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