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The SUHSD board's decision to give Ed Brand a $252,000 contract was:

The right one
The wrong one

timtim Says:

Sun, Oct 07 2012 02:45 PM

anne, you just stated you are not an employee of the district ,so how would you know what mr.grossman said at the employee forum?and then was endorsed by that same union forum?You make no sense what so ever,
watch this video of the person you arre calling prejudice

anniej Says:

Fri, Oct 05 2012 04:29 PM

regarding the forumS - perhaps there are two Mr. Grossman's running - the one i refer to answered "i really don't know much about that" several times.

have you read Mr. Grossman's book? i encourage you to do so - the Rush Limbaugh of the NFL? - oh, that is just what this multicultural community does NOT need. but again, that is my opinion.

anniej Says:

Fri, Oct 05 2012 04:24 PM

James C: while i am not, nor have ever been an employee of the district, i am a parent of several students who have attended sweetwater schools. my ONLY agenda is this: the students of this community deserve far better than they are receiving - the tax payers of this community deserve far better representation from the majority of the board. currently, and for a few years now the only board member to represent the students and taxpayers is ms. bertha lopez. my opinion. IF one were to believe tim tim, then i would ask a simple question - why the indictments?, why the guilty pleas by mr. flores ( president of the the company managing prop o who gave all of that money to cartmill, and several others) and mr. bunton ( president of the primary architectural firm used AND a contributor to help pay off john mccann's campaign debt A YEAR AFTER HE WON THE ELECTION????, why are the eastlake folks being disrespected by brand who is refusing to meet with them, why pay brand a ridiculous salary that includes US, WE TAXPAYERS PAYING HIS MEDICAL, DENTAL AND VISION PREMIUMS FOR 6 YEARS AFTER HIS TENURE ENDS - yes, you read that right - brand's contract ends in 2 years, he will then be 60 but WE THE TAXPAYERS are expected to pay his insurance premiums until he is eligible for social security - what about this contract sounds right - NOTHING. there are more issues, but you Sir seem to be appraised of them as is the community. if tim tim thinks he can rebuke me into silence - well lets just say 'he is going to have a tough road to hoe'.

tim tim - i, as a member of the community, speak for me, anniej, that is my right - if you find what i write offensive again i recommend that you save yourself the frustration by simply ignoring my comments. but again i ask, if all that i state is so wrong - speak to the issues i raise i.e. speak to the massive amounts of monies that jim cartmill received from the management company of prop o - $30,000.000 - that is alot of greenbacks wouldn't you agree. and that is to name one of the campaign donations given to one of the candidates. if all is so right with the board and brand - then why the public outcry? why did someone? make the decision to remove several of the chairs in the boardroom before the last meeting - i know fire code - NOT!!!!!!! no that devious attempt to silence the public ranks up there with NO PUBLIC COMMENT, 1 minute public comment, and failure to change the venue. i would surmise that these actions are just fine with you - funny others in positions of power do not seem to agree. as i stated this no longer a local issue - no, now the eyes and ears of those who can help are aimed at our little community.

James C Says:

Fri, Oct 05 2012 10:51 AM

Timtim- anniej and others may not "represent" you, and obviously, they are not "official" representatives of the community, but they are members of the community who are stuck in the mess with all of us. Whether they are current or ex-employees, or if they are parents of students in the district, or just simply tax paying residents (property and/or Mello-Roos), they are community members who actively participate and interact with the district. I have heard them at meetings, both on the BoardDocs or if I attend. While I have heard them be critical of board members, policies, or actions by Brand, it has always been for the benefit of the district, the community, and especially the students. I have never heard anybody stand up and speak in favor of any of these policies or board members. I have heard an increase of people speaking up, whether it's about bus routes, or spending district money on charter schools, or purchasing iPads with construction money, or dirt piles, or increasing Mello Roos without discussing with the public.

Apparently, anniej and others are representing more of the community than you care to admit.

timtim Says:

Fri, Oct 05 2012 10:21 AM

You guys don't represent the community obviously you are the last one to realize that

timtim Says:

Fri, Oct 05 2012 10:20 AM

He answered every question I was at the forum ,obviously you were not,That is why he got the classified endorsement as voted by the members,(of course as always you will attribute that to a conspiracy) and bertha did not,she actually couldn't even answer questions about her health benefits.believe me it wasn't even close between which canidate to select.

anniej Says:

Thu, Oct 04 2012 08:16 PM

tim tim:

Mr. Grossman has met with brand more than two times.

perhaps you should skip over comments by anniej - what i choose to do or not to do with my time is my business tim tim.

brand has bragged to many about his relationship with Mr. Grossman, the games they went to yadda yadda. why is he in this race? from what we are hearing many of answers to the questions posed to him about the issues were "i do not know". he is against nepotism it is alleged, however his wife works for the district?????? that tim tim is nepotism. i do not see a problem with nepotism, as long as the potential employee is qualified.

regarding Mr. Payne - why tim tim you should be THANKING PAYNE, i mean after all he is one of those who went to the DA and the FBI - does that fact anger you, and if so, why? or were you part of the 'pay to play' that is now finding your reign ending?

what is going on at sweetwater is known to all - not only city wide, but state wide and nation wide. but yet you come here and defend what was, and you want more of it.

this community is not going to stand for more of the same - that, tim tim you can take to the bank.

timtim Says:

Thu, Oct 04 2012 08:52 AM

Thank You James

If you look at the calander Mr. Grossman met last about a year ago. there has been no activity ,so to suggest it has to do with switching seats is just not true. Mr. Payne was meeting to try and get a district job as we all know, and if he is so concerned he shouldve ran for a seat. I see alot of talking ,but in the end no one stepped up to run

James C Says:

Thu, Oct 04 2012 08:04 AM

Timtim- Just appearing on Brand's calendar is not an issue. I can see Payne is a concerned citizen, who speaks his opinion at the meetings, often looking for clarification on vague items, and speaking against items he feels is not helping the district. He would definitely be an individual who would meet the superintendent about many topics, throughout the year. But he is not running for any position on the board. Grossman is.

And it looks odd that he would start out deciding to run against Quinones at the start, but after a few meetings with Brand, he challenges Lopez instead. Could you possibly explain that?

And as for some people posting on many sites, I'm glad that they do. No one source provides all the information all the time. If I relied on one site for all my news, I most likely miss more than half of what goes on in the district.

They may have just as much free time in their lives as you or I do. They just choose to use their time this way, much in the way I choose to volunteer with my daughter's high school band, or you choose to watch sports. Are those wastes of time?

timtim Says:

Wed, Oct 03 2012 01:53 PM

Is it me or is it the same 4 id's that post on every site they can find?Do you people have any lives?Anne you should watch the ESPN piece on Burt Grossman before you throw stones, and I have seen Brands calander also ,burt grossman is on it 3 times in over a year whereas Stuart Payne shows up alot more,can you explain that?

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