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Should SUHSD Superintendent Ed Brand's contract be extended?


David Walden Says:

Sun, Sep 16 2012 05:21 PM

Not only should Ed Brand's contract NOT be Extended, re-newed, there should be NO national search. The District should promote from within for starters and secondly NO New HIRE should be offered a Salary greater than $180K. Justification is easy - there is no money. All Salaries should be reviewed and brought down out of the stratosphere. Let the individual contribute to his/her own retirement program and they walk away with whatever they save - PERIOD.

Nichole Sellers Says:

Sat, Sep 15 2012 01:12 PM

Brand is only interested in the money - he has no tie to this community whatsoever.

We need a superintendent that cares about the students!

sosocal Says:

Fri, Sep 14 2012 06:41 PM

I truly hope that the community of Sweetwater UHSD will unite and thereby show the Board of Trustees that Ed Brand is persona non grata. Ed Brand is all about creating confusion so he can get what he wants, which is more and more money for himself, with odds and ends thrown to friends.

We need people who care about education, who are familiar with how to deal ethically with one and all, who will work to build up what has been undermined, to restore what has been 'taken away'.

Our children need to have someone who leads by example.

That would not be Ed Brand.

Ted Says:

Fri, Sep 14 2012 05:45 PM

Brand's only interest is his retirement pension not the SUHSD or its students! If the Board renews his contract then they should be removed by recall! I feel that we have more then qualified people in San Diego an the SUHSD so there is no need to waste money on a national quest to find a new Superintendent!

anniej Says:

Fri, Sep 14 2012 04:59 PM

why on earth would a community want a person serving as superintendent who has done literally nothing to help the students of the south bay. brand has served his own agenda since being brought here by his pal john mccann. you know mccann, the same board member who accused the entire community of being unpatriotic, the same john mccann who claimed that HE realized that quinones had forgotten the Pledge of Allegiance - when in fact it was a community member who, when given the opportunity to use her precious 2 minutes and was one of the very last speakers advised quinones she had forgotten a most important part of the meeting.

john mccann lied, listen to the board docs, it is toward the end, i believe it was the 15th speaker that night - IT WAS NOT JOHN MCCANN. again john mccann lied on his own neighbors. BASICALLY HE PAINTED THOSE WHO ATTENDED in a most negative light. now, in an attempt to smear their names and manner in which they support their families terrible descriptive names to have been attached to them.

we should all thank mccann for showing the ENTIRE community exactly who and what he is all about. as far as brand, why would we want a superintendent who actions were part of a grand jury investigation. who left when they recommended a much larger investigation should be done regarding prop bb tax dollars.

there is a board meeting on the 24th of this month. let us all join in asking pearl quinones to change the venue. it is time for all of us to show john mccann and the rest of the board who we are and what we want which is

Truth, Liberty and Justice for all!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY THE STUDENTS

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