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Issuing 7th graders iPads for school:

Good idea
Bad idea


Sun, Feb 26 2012 06:42 PM

I am a firm supporter of electronic media replacing the text books- 100%. Its such an easy decision to move the student from carrying around 10-30 lbs of books over the 1lb Kindle, Nook or comparable. I am not however in favor of IPADS, as the expense is just too dang much. I have been using the Kindle for close to two years. For $120.00, the students' text books can be loaded on the Kindle which has an outstanding dictionary preloaded so the students will better understand what they read, book mark capability and much, much more. Free Internet option is also available -- so much of the same features at a much lower costs.

We as a community must push for electronic media, but not for products I can't afford for myself.
Very respectfully,

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