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Woman shot to death by border patrol agent Allison K. Sampité-montecalvo | Sat, Sep 29 2012 06:42 PM

A U.S. Border Patrol enforcement operation in Chula Vista went awry this afternoon when a woman was shot and killed.

At approximately 1 p.m., Chula Vista police officers responded to shots fired in the 600 block of Moss Street in Chula Vista after a plain-clothes U.S. Border Patrol agent discharged his weapon on a woman who attacked him with her car, Chula Vista police Lt. Lon Turner said today.

The agent and others were looking for another woman with a felony warrant.

Officials said during a press conference earlier today that when an agent approached a woman in her vehicle she charged the officer, who was thrown onto the windshield, lodging him upon impact and carrying him several feet.

The agent then fired several rounds at the woman, fearing for his life, officials said. She ultimately died from her wounds.

The woman was shot in her upper torso several times, according to a witness, who heard the incident happen from inside a nearby apartment complex.

Eduardo Camacho, 22, was with his friends when he said he heard approximately seven shots fired. When he came out into the street to see what happened, he said he noticed a man, unrecognizable as an officer, holding a gun, looking nervous.

“He put his gun away in his holster … the woman was laying out of her car, twitching,” Camacho said. “She was still alive.”

Camacho said then several more plain-clothes agents came out of their vehicles.

“They didn’t do nothing to revive her,” he said.

Moss Street was blocked off from Broadway to Oaklawn Avenue with residents only allowed to get into their homes if they lived was far enough away from the crime scene.

Police would not answer questions related to who the victim was or why she would hit an officer with her car. They said more details would be released as they become available.

Officials say the investigation is ongoing. Detectives of the Chula Vista Police Department are working with U.S. Border Patrol Agents and the United States Office of Inspector General.

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rob Says:

Thu, Oct 04 2012 07:34 AM

It happens in every town especially Chula Vista...Shoot First...render no aid..let them expire...so no one gets their side of of what happened .. internal investigation concludes justified action ..no charges ..get away with murder ..victim family ..gets no justice ..forgotten ..I'm appalled ..this is an outrage ..call Nancy Grace.this needs National Coverage ..according to witnesses ..This is unjust Another. COVERUP will someone Stand up to this corruption before Another person is hurt or even Murdered

tedbohne Says:

Wed, Oct 03 2012 06:46 AM

whoever hit the car's windshield hit it ass first. the shot group through the windshield was wide and certainly not point blank range. the witnesses say the vehicle was backing slowly in reverse with the cop firing his weapon. was the woman alive at this point? someone is lying like a sidewalk here. History demonstrates police nation wide making idiotic mistakes, lying first and then concocting a story to cover up the screw-up. to much of this is inconsistent with the facts available at this time. my thought is the cops are lying.

Charles Moakler Says:

Tue, Oct 02 2012 06:38 AM

From here in Louisville Kentucky I watch this investigation and my heart ackes for this family. The only way we can have a just nation is that we have to prosecute the cowards among us. The cops drug this woman out in the street and then let her expire? BP has a tough job but they are well compensated and they want you to believe that they are professional. Well here is a chance to prove it. Own up to this collosal cluster mistake and move on, or cover up and protect this guy and lose the respect of the nation. You already stepped in it trying to vilify the victim.

Henry Says:

Tue, Oct 02 2012 05:11 AM

Probably, the plain clothes officer approached the woman with gun in hand thinking she was the suspect and ordered her out of her car, the woman thinking he was a carjacker panicked and tried to get away in reverse, the officer thinking that she was the suspect jumped on the hood of her car and began to shoot thinking he was ridding Chula Vista of another pesky Mexican.
Remember Mumia Abu-Jamal

Geheimish Verbotten Says:

Tue, Oct 02 2012 04:52 AM

Border patrols, TSA, BATF, IRS, a whole alphabet soup of agencies that are determined to "rule" over us. They care not about decency, honor or human values. They only care about the subjugation of the masses for the New World Order. There are no more "rules of civilization" only Federal monsters doing the work of the "Beast".

MG Says:

Mon, Oct 01 2012 08:37 AM

Other news reports tell a very different story - the officer was in plainclothes when he was pointing a gun at her. She probably thought he was a carjacker. She was there to help a friend move and is a a law-abiding citizen. This is MURDER - that cop's actions sound totally unjustified. First he terrified this young mother, then killed her, and didn't even offer medical aid. MURDERER.

Vincent Says:

Sat, Sep 29 2012 12:08 PM

The original story stated that this female was a 32 year old mother of 5, the eldest one being 17. Simple subtraction makes her a "mom" at age 15, pregnant at 14, and I have no doubt that she came to the USA for a "better life"
You, as a driver don't run into someone and drag them on your car for some time. The last time I looked at the penal code, this was called assault with a deadly weapon, and the shooting by the INS agent was nothing more than justifiable homicide.
If Hector, her husband wants justice, perhaps he should look at his wife (if they were married) see why this female assaulted someone with her car. It is a felony, nothing less

mary lee contreras Says:

Fri, Sep 28 2012 10:12 PM

sorry but there is no way I believe this was not an intentional killing by the agent. many people are getting tired of the killings by agents afraid for their lives, well quit stupid and get another kind of job cause you are not very good at this one.

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