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Two seats, four candidates Ernesto Lopez | Sat, Oct 23 2010 12:00 PM

Frank Lopez

What is your top priority once in office?

Sustain safe and secure quality of life for residents, while maintaining the city financially solvent. This will be done by reduced spending and enticing and promoting businesses in National City.

What specific skills do you have that your opponents don't?

As a director of non-profit organization, I bring the experience of having to deal with budget constraints, restructuring of programs and getting the job done with positive outcomes.

I have a proven record of working with businesses, community members, elected officials and stakeholders to improve quality of life issues as it pertains to public health.

How does the city maintain services without department cuts or higher taxes?

We have to be realistic, it will take time before we see business expansion. As a city we will have to do more with less. Working together with Chamber of Commerce to promote existing businesses and the use of the Enterprise Zone to entice businesses and provide incentives to boost economic growth is essential.

Redevelopment can provide funding for city improvements and attract new businesses that, in turn, create more jobs which will provide more resources to families, while maintaining a traditional approach to community characteristics.

Luis Natividad

What is your top priority once in office?

Attracting good paying jobs for local residents. Promote economic development and support local small businesses. Seek new source of revenue in order to help avoid lay-offs, service cutbacks and library hours reduction.

What specific skills do you have that your opponents don't?

I have the proven experience and leadership qualities to recognize problems and address them with common sense solutions. I communicate effectively with others, especially young persons who some day will replace me and others as future community leaders. I speak my mind and mean what I say, without any regard to political consequences.

How does the city maintain services without department cuts or higher taxes?

We need to eliminate wasteful spending, freeze new hires except public safety-and appoint an existing staff person to look into and suggest ways to reduce unnecessary expenditures, such as conserving energy in city buildings, recycling and other costs that add to the city budget. Look at leasing and/or selling city-owned property to create new revenues.

Mona Rios

What is your top priority once in office?

I would take immediate steps to work with the business community, residents, council members and city staff to set policy that will create an environment in National City to attract good jobs. We must have careers available to National City residents and good opportunities for small businesses if we want to build a better future for our city. I want to work directly with residents and property owners to make sure our neighborhoods are safe and clean so people can be proud to make their home and raise their family in National City. I will also demand the highest level of fiscal accountability so police and fire in National City will have adequate funding.

What specific skills do you have that your opponents don't?

I am a mother and grandmother who knows the challenges of balancing a career, and raising a family and the everyday struggles that National City families face. During my tenure at the National City Public Library I worked hard to ensure that all families were provided quality literacy programs for their children.

I serve as a Community & Police Relations Commissioner to ensure positive communications between the citizens of our city and the Police department. I am an active member of the National City Chamber, and supported and promoted business growth. I serve as Community Service Chair for the National City Rotary, reaching out to youth programs and community projects. Through my volunteer work in our city I have helped to foster better outreach and communication with the senior citizens and will continue to serve and represent their issues and concerns.

How does the city maintain services without departments cuts or higher taxes?

National City must have a high-level of fiscal accountability. Before we ever consider cuts to services, we need to make sure we are spending taxpayer money effectively and efficiently. I would work with city staff and residents to identify costs savings that wouldn't adversely impact residents.


Ditas Yamane

What is your top priority once in office?

Economic growth - Jobs , relationships with local, national and international investors, developers, and companies including the largest employer in National City .

Education - Relationships with local teachers and administrators from grade school to high school

What specific skills do you have that your opponents don't?


I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and I work hard for a better quality of life.

I am a real estate broker and notary public .

I have the experience and the leadership to get the work done.

I have the relationships and the network to bring in stakeholders in our city to create jobs and help businesses to grow our economy.


How does the city maintain services without department cuts or higher taxes?

By prudent spending - Having a budget that is realistic, effective and efficient.

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Jack Bauer Says:

Sat, Oct 23 2010 01:44 PM

Luis Natividad has some nerve running for council again, after he walked away from the job. He is a dirty politician and is slimy as they come. He is political bully who uses threats and intimidation to get what he wants. He regularly engages in sexual harassment of female employees when he was a councilman. He is everything a corrupt politician drunk with power is. He is a bad choice for National City. If he gets elected, he and Sotelo-Solis will be making back room deals among themselves to undermine Mayor Morrison and other council person's trying to good for NC. The two good choices are Frank Lopez and Ditas Yamane. I believe they have NC's best interest at heart.They are both independent thinkers that use good common sense. Mona Rios lacks the confidence to be effective. She will be easily swayed by the likes of Natividad and Sotelo-Solis. NC needs people with vision for the future, not politicians out for themselves. Lets move NC forward not backwards. A vote for Natividad will be a definite backwards step.

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