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The parade came to town and he missed it Richard Pena | Sat, Oct 01 2011 12:00 PM

I have received a few e-mails and phone calls asking about my absence at Bonitafest 2011. It is true. For the first time since its inaugural I failed to make a showing. It is not Bonitafest's fault. It is mine. When I saw the parade route and the logistics in getting to the booth center I opted to remain at home. It looked like it would be too much walking and standing for these legs of mine that have seen better days.

On thinking about it the following day I sort of regret that I did not make more of an effort. I ran into Chuck Hamilton, a past Bonitafest Grand Marshal and Bonita Business and Professional Association president, and he told me that the booth assembly at Bonnie Brae was most satisfactory and enjoyable. One of my neighbors, Jane Davies, made a special trip to my house to tell me how much she liked the amended setup for Bonitafest and hopes that it continues in future years.

I appreciate the sentiments of Chuck and Jane but I suppose I kind of miss the setup and the ambience that we had at the Bonita Museum. Chairs were set up on the sidewalk outside the building and there we had loge sitting to view the parade and listen to the marching bands. Midway through the event someone would bring around chocolate chip cookies and lemonade to sate our thirst and hunger until mealtime. I suppose one could say we were spoiled. In recent times we had a full lunch, courtesy of one of the local establishments and served by museum personnel.

For the past several years I have lamented the absence of the parade at Bonitafest time. This always seemed to me to be the signature highlight of the event. It was the American song writer, George M. Cohan, who first signaled out the glory of a parade in song. Nothing like the color and big, brass band to lighten up one's day. We are rather anxious to see what the BBPA will offer us for next year.

* * *

The end of summer, and, of course, the beginning of autumn spells also the end of one group and the beginning of another. We, who half-way follow local sports teams, experienced this the other day when the San Diego Padres played the last game of the season. We might say that the season mercifully came to an end for the local boys of summer. It is kind of a shame. Last spring the team looked like it had some promise, like they could finish the season, at least, not in the cellar. But it wasn't to be. Proved once more that a team can have the best pitchers this side of Cy Young, but if they can't hit they are not going to win many ball games. Maybe, the front office learned a lesson. About the only consolation that the die-hard Padre fan can have is that the Dodgers were not much better.

On the flip side we have the Chargers starting a new season. From all the hype and hoopla that we read in the daily papers and hear on the talk shows this should be their year. There are predictions that the locals will out play and outshine, every opponent they face. So far this has not been the case. They have barely won in two out three played but against highly mediocre teams. Let us hope that they are not going to emulate the Padres.

We see where Southwester nCollege is on the verge of selecting a new Superintendent/President. Three finalists have been selected from a group that numbered thirty-four at its start. Probably, to the surprise of no one, the three finalists are all ladies. Dr. Betty Incian, Dr. Melinda Nish and the present Interim President, Denise Whitaker were pictured in last week's Star-News along with a short summary. They all seem to be highly qualified for the position.

I would suspect that the selection committee was a bit wary of male applicants. If memory serves us well that last few were not too successful. There was a time when I would interview the new selectee and write glowing reports about that individual. I haven't done that in some time. I have written about lady school superintendents in the past and they turned out be rather successful.

So to rectify this error when one of the above ladies is selected I will ask for and interview the individual. As an old school guy it will be my pleasure.

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