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Questions and answers Staff | Sat, Apr 12 2014 12:00 PM

What qualifies you to represent 250,000 Chula Vista residents?

Robert Corcilius: Being of a fourth generation family also starting my first business in 1990 and  now owner of Corr Comm. I’ve knocked on every registered voters’ door in my 11 years as an activist from my former membership in Crossroads II, Southwest Civic Association from I-805 and Main Street to I-5 and  C Street.  I paint out graffiti.

Heideh Rivera: I am a mother that wants a safe community for my child. I am a college grad that wants to see higher paying jobs close to home. I am a community volunteer that wants to clean up blight; feed the hungry and house the homeless.

What should Chula Vista do about the increasing number of homeless in the city?

Rivera: We need to apply a compassionate and proactive approach to the growing number of homeless in our city. I think Chula Vista can take advantage of federal and philanthropic grant opportunities to establish a resource center for the homeless; and work cooperatively (with federal, state, and local volunteer groups) to connect them with services.

Corcilius: The face of the homeless has changed there are families, victims of domestic violence teen runaways ... I would take a footprint from San Diego Council member Mark Kersey’s project homeless also SDPD has a homeless outreach van by increasing funding for homeless services obtaining the following utilizing a vacant building for an all inclusive year round shelter including drug and alcohol abuse rehab medical and mental needs, employment and housing.

Should the city of Chula Vista spearhead an effort to unify governing school boards in South County?

Corcilius: As a possible future sitting council member it would not be my position in intervening  with the workings within our school districts, what with the current goings on of SUHSD, also superintendent Dr Escobedo’s magnificent work within the Chula Vista Elementary school district being opposed to unification.  Furthermore with the current districting of board members within SUHSD there could be a conflict of interest if there are any attempts in unifying. Also dealing with the teacher unions could open the door to an long lasting debate which may result in our youth not obtaining the quality education they deserve.

Rivera: I think before we make a definite decision to pursue unification; we should have more information. I would like to know how Chula Vista Elementary School District reserves would be affected by Sweetwater’s debt. I also would like to know, how the parents at both district feel about unification. So at this time, I don’t think we should necessarily “spearhead the effort,” however I am interested in exploring the idea and doing what is best for our kids.

How do you increase revenue for THE city of Chula Vista?

Rivera: One way to increase revenue is to decrease unemployment. Invite new businesses and services to Chula Vista. This will inspire individuals to work; and spend their dollars in Chula Vista. There are also goods and services that most citizens can only find in places outside Chula Vista (ie Fashion Valley;Downtown;Hillcrest.),that we should invite to lease in our city  .Another way to increase revenue is to eliminate waste. The police headquarters saved $2.5 million  over the course of the loan. I am curious if there are other opportunities where we can benefit from auditing other sources

Corcilius: Informing the city engineers and officials of the $33,000 per month for leasing cell towers of which Amazon has won the bid in upgrading our antiquated systems to high speed internet service within all city buildings which had increase revenue.
Workers shopping at our stores, buying gas, even doughnuts, soliciting prime developers such as Marriott Residence Inn for our bayfront resort redevelopment of who I know the manager of the Kearny Mesa Marriott Residence Inn.

What issues need immediate attention?

Corcilius: Job creation without sustainable highly compensated employment will decrease resulting in reduced funding for the city’s basic needs resulting in the reducing the replenishment the general fund.

Rivera: We have several city plans (Bayfront,University master plans)  that are in the works. I think the most pressing issue is to expedite these plans to bring revenue and jobs to our community. Equally important are our homeless citizens. I think taking care of the homeless women,children, elderly, and veterans.

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