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Last minute wish list Carlos R. Davalos | Sat, Dec 25 2010 12:00 PM

Even though I think Christmas is for suckers,you can color me Tootsie Pop red if any of my wishes come true this year.

I want:

All the cops and firefighters and everyone else charged with the public's safety to make it home unscathed and in one piece tonight and tomorrow. Their well being is always of paramount concern, but during the holidays, while most of us get to celebrate with friends and family (or cats and dogs), they're out there busting bad guys and putting out fires. Thanks. Get home safely;

Let there be jobs for everyone who needs one. In the meantime, let there be continued support for those who are out of work (Yes, I'm talking about unemployment insurance, my fiscally conservative friends).

It's hard enough being out of a job and a steady income. But when you're not working you're faced with that nagging question "Who am I?" There's so much of our identity wrapped up in what we do rather than who we are. Often times no job can translate into no sense of self.

Compound that angst with the constant barrage of consumerism=happiness, especially prevalent during the holidays, and it's easy to see how anyone without a gig could be mired in despair.

Hang in there. Even though you've been looking for months (years) and you don't have any work, you still make a difference. You're still someone. You still matter. Hang on to your hope, it's one of the few things in life that is free.;

Maribel Arteaga and Diana Gonzalez are still dead. Their killers are still at large. Arteaga was the pregnant mother of two believed to have been stabbed to death by her estranged husband in December 2009.

Gonzalez, 19, was the mother of a girl who just recently turned one. She, too, was allegedly killed by her estranged husband.

I'm not wishing for revenge. I only want the justice system to work;

I'm also wishing for the recovery of Tom Davis. Davis, a frequent letters to the editor contributor, was reportedly in a serious car accident at the beginning of the month. His criticisms and remarks have been fair, insightful and oftentimes humorous. We need Davis to return as soon as he can;

And finally, I'm not Pollyana enough to wish for world peace. Some things are just too fantastic to imagine.

But what I wish for instead is that everyone, sooner rather than later, find some peace of mind.

A belated Bestivus of Festivus to you, and Merry Christmas, too.

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