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America's allure can't be contained Jose Guzman | Sat, Feb 23 2013 11:27 AM

Few teams in sports have the distinction of being loved and equally disliked by millions of fans. The Xolos' opponent Saturday night, Club America is one of them.

In the same way some people might regard baseball's New York Yankees or the NFL's Oakland Raiders as the teams to beat in their respective league's, America carries that same mystique, possibly because it's been in existence for 96 years.

So while Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente has a devoted following and at most games you'd find nothing but a sea of black and red jerseys or face paint, that didn’t matter to many America supporters who made a special effort to attend this game while donning the famed yellow jersey worn by the Aguilas.

Professor, Hugo Navarrete of Ensenada said that he is a fan of Xolos because they represent the state but that he has been an America fan his entire life.

“I feel nervous, I don’t even know who to pick,” he said. “All the time I have supported Xolos but in this occasion I’m only supporting them (for one) half.”

He said America’s magic consist of how they play each game and how either America will score plenty of goals against their adversaries or how it can lose a game as their opponents play them with extra with an extra determination.

“America is the one that gets a stadium filled to capacity as the fans who are against America will attend this game,” Navarrete said.

Alejandro Moncada said that having the Xolos in the Liga Mx is perfect since this gets him to the see his team more often.

He compares America with Spanish club Real Madrid since both teams are hated by everyone because they have wealth.

“Before we were only able to see America play at the Qualcomm,” said Moncada. “it use to be impossible to have them here,”

He said that he paid $120 for his ticket for tonight’s game, even though he considered the price expensive he had to pay since he didn’t want to miss this game.

Jose Francisco Coronado Gonzalez, 23, is one of those devoted Americanistas who attends each game America plays, whether the game is being played at home in Mexico City, DF, or in different cities throughout Mexico.

He is a member of the official band and travels wherever the team goes. Coronado said that compared to other groups “porras” in Mexico, they are different since the club does not give them anything.

“It’s the opposite, the club wants us to disappear, since America’s band is categorized as the most aggressive group in the country,” said Coronado. “Usually we travel to other cities in (a) bus but this time we couldn’t do that since it’s a long trip and we cannot spend two days and a half in the bus, so each
member made the trip with their own resources.”

Coronado said America is reviled by so many because of its fortune and because it's owned by television network Televisa.

“America here in Mexico is the team that produces an extra passion throughout the nation,” Coronado said. “The team is hated because of that, we have a long history,  that is not 2-3 years old."

“Here in the band you’ll find anything, that’s the true, from the one who steals to survive to the one who, for example, has a career and a job,” he

“I pay for my trips, this is my vice, my hobby is to see America, this trip has alredy cost me over 350 dollars without adding my food expenses."

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