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A rhyme in time for the occasion Carlos R. Davalos | Fri, Dec 23 2011 12:00 PM

If Jolly St. Nick
really existed,
I'd sock his arm
for being so twisted

Does the fat man give elves
healthcare and dental?
Or are workers' rights
just incidental?

The man we call Santa
seems to have it all wrong,
he rewards just a few
and screws over throngs.

Companies, corporations
get tax breaks galore,
while the people they’ve hired
are all shown the door.

Two million Californians
don’t have work, can’t find gigs
but big business still profits —
Virginia, the game’s rigged.

The state has cut funding
to seniors, school classes,
we can’t afford these
because we won’t raise some taxes...

Except on the working class,
They’re always fair game.
One in two people are poor, Santa, even you know that’s lame.
Families go broke
trying to save their sick
Where’s the justice in that,  fatso?
Do you even listen?

Homes have been lost,
shut down by foreclosure.
The banks brought us here via
financial exposure.

But the money was there
for those too big to fail,
While the little guy ’n’ his wife were all left to flail.

In response, peaceful protests
popped up place to place,
but the cops broke them up
with nightsticks and mace.

The worst part of all
is the lack of compassion.
The haves blame have nots,
saying they lack proper action.

“Get a job!” “Quit your whining!”
“Pull yourself up by the boots.”
But not having shoes
makes that point rather moot.

Some think it’s class warfare
they don’t see past the rage,
It’s not pro-socialism, stupid,
it’s called a living wage.

So, Jolly St. Nick,
be glad you’re not real,
your job would be outsourced,
then how would you feel?

Would you be angry?
Morose? Or depressed?
Down here with the  masses,  could you handle the stress?

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