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Things to consder prior to cosmetic surgery Reza Sadrian, Special To The Star-news | Sat, Nov 13 2010 12:00 PM

When considering a facelift, it's important to know your options


Q. I'm contemplating a facelift, but I understand there are several different procedures I can choose from. Can you explain my options?

A. In general, facelifts differ by the type of incision, number of tissue layers treated, the area of the face addressed and the degree of invasiveness. Facelifts are also often combined with other procedures. A Facelift can reverse damage caused by sun exposure, aging, and everyday stress

Rhytidectomy (facelift) is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the head and neck. A full facelift can tighten the muscles of the face and neck, revealing more youthful contours and a younger, more alert appearance. More comprehensive than other procedures such as a browlift, a facelift can improve the appearance of sagging jowls, double chin, and deep wrinkles in the face. Incisions for a traditional full facelift are made just inside the hairline above each ear, just inside the ear, and back up into the hairline. The surgeon then lifts and tightens the facial muscles, trims any excess fat and skin, and closes the incisions.

Another option is a type of short scar facelift that requires much smaller incisions than a full facelift. In our office we call this a "Freshlift". An ideal candidate for this procedure would be someone in their forties or fifties who is not quite ready for a full face and neck lift, but is starting to notice some sagging in the jowl area. Along with the advantage of a shorter scar, this surgery usually has a shorter recovery compared to a full facelift.

The mid-facelift focuses on a triangular area formed between the two corners of the eyes and the corner of the mouth. It's an important area because the mid-face involves the muscles that convey emotion. Thus, a sagging mid-face makes the drooping of the mouth and chin more obvious. Moreover, cheeks being pulled down by gravity make the lower eye look puffier. A mid-facelift improves nose-to-mouth lines, lifts sagging cheeks and flattens the cheek folds around the mouth, creating a younger, softer and rested look. Because this procedure is more focused and less invasive than a full facelift, mid facelift patients experience quicker results with less bruising and swelling.

Corset Platysmaplasty or necklift is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the loose skin under the jaw line and neck area. Some patients who complain of having a fleshy neck, jowls, or turkey wattle can benefit from this technique. It is often performed in conjunction with facelifts and other procedures resulting in a completely refreshed look.

Any discomfort experienced after a facelift is controlled with prescription medication. Though patients can expect some swelling and discoloration, this should subside within two or three weeks of facial plastic surgery. Most patients are able to resume all of their normal activities within a month, or less, depending on the invasiveness of the procedure.

Dr. Reza Sadrian is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with over 16 years of advanced medical education and training. He specializes in Surgery of the face, breast and body and is certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is among a select group of surgeons who have attained a high level of achievement in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive training holding the distinct honor of being one of only a few plastic surgeons in the country dually certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Sadrian can be reached by calling (858) 587-9850 or via the web at sadriancosmeticsurgery. com.

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