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| Wed, Dec 31 1969 04:00 PM

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anniej Says:

Thu, Oct 27 2016 02:27 PM

FINALLY, someone speaks rationally. Look, we taxpayers are tired of being hoodwinked with 'bs' - that is why so many are voting NO on most Propositions, ESPECIALLY one that increases taxes. - Property taxes affect renters equally as home owners - property owners simply pass the increases on to the renters.

Looks like Sweetwater wants to go out for a new BOND soon - Trustee Hall raised the issue at Mondays Board meeting. My response - no way, no how - you fooled me once with Prop BB and fooled me twice with Prop O - and I am NOT going to be fooled a third time.

anniej Says:

Thu, Oct 27 2016 02:22 PM

'Has disabilities in math, reading, attention and didn't fully recognize what he was doing'- and he expects ANYONE to believe that nonsensical excuse - GET REAL!!!!!!

anniej Says:

Thu, Oct 27 2016 02:19 PM

John McCann is NOT a reference I would be touting.

just my opinion

anniej Says:

Thu, Oct 27 2016 02:16 PM

'Support of labor union' - PLA??????? Small contractors, pay attention!!!

just my opinion

Shaina Miller Says:

Wed, Oct 26 2016 11:14 PM

Thank you Mr. Shu for providing our neighbors in South County with the truth. This is 1 mile from our home where we farm avocados. Our family will not be able to evacuate when the next fire comes in with this many homes and cars on our small curvy roads. I hope the voters are not fooled by all these lies. We love our Gem that is Valley Center and are welcoming to people who want to live here, we have homed for sale under 400K. These homes will start at 500-700k. Its all lies. Thank you, no on b.

patricia borchmann Says:

Wed, Oct 26 2016 11:09 AM

Jack Shu's candid opinion confirms solid reasons why all San Diego voters are urged to Vote NO on Ballot Measure B. Lilac Hills Ranch project has major infrastructure gaps that will cost all SD taxpayers big time, for a very long time if not forever. Say NO to corporate giveaways.

CV Voter Says:

Sat, Oct 22 2016 12:16 PM

"Padilla said what differentiates himself from his opponent, Jason Paguio, is experience at City Hall."

He admits he made mistakes, then touts his experience?

Hopefully Chula Vista voters will handle things differently too, and vote in someone who might get it right the first time.

Keep it real Says:

Thu, Oct 20 2016 12:10 PM

Horoscopes and astrology are fake. You should stop publishing these articles.

Jordan Souza Says:

Thu, Oct 20 2016 12:10 PM

That's my great grandfather smh

George Hanak Says:

Tue, Oct 18 2016 05:15 AM

Mr. Moreno,how much union pay you for this article,just before election,in they support of tax increese?They had flea and bugs?This is caused by ocupants,not keeping property cleen and broken sewer line,would not suprise if they had something to do with it.They want a new fire station,got spoiled when see a luxurious station build in east.FDCV have about dozen pick up trucks,latest are not just basic model as used to,more fancy ones now.Off cause they are only taxpayers money the spending,fire department becoming albatros,there are almost no fires,yet we are spendig on firemens who are millioners after a few years on job.

Noaccountability Says:

Sun, Oct 16 2016 07:36 PM

Great to see another positive story involving sbcs and demonstrating how they are helping students in the community with accountability with theIr academics. What is the YMCA doing? Better yet, what is the YMCA doing with students in SUHSD? Better yet, how are schools test scores and attendance that choose the YMCA over sbcs?

anniej Says:

Sat, Oct 15 2016 09:16 PM

In a nutshell, politicians for the most part have become USERS vs. SERVERS - hard to believe in the year 2016 the Presidential candidates we have to choose from are so lacking - AND,,,,, the politicians currently serving are so poor i.e. Salas, Hueso, McCann and on and on and on - yet in truth we are the cause; because in truth, rather than educate ourselves and/or become involved and speak out WE HAVE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO - or so we tell ourselves.

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