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anniej Says:

Tue, Jun 02 2015 08:50 AM

Rather than comment on the article, or side with one comment vs. another I would prefer to give homage to three (3) of the commenters I have the honor of knowing.


sosocal Says:

Mon, Jun 01 2015 04:09 PM

Just what is Mr. Miesen contributing? He is frequently absent, often recuses himself and is very silent regarding his opinions--silent at least to those of us who are trying to figure out just what is going on with Chula Vista city government.

It looks to me as if it is a private club.

Not exactly what the founding fathers had in mind, right?

Honest government can exist, but it takes work. It also takes cooperation--but not the kind of cooperation Mr. Miesen seems to give.

Felix Delgado Says:

Sun, May 31 2015 04:10 PM

Yes I have a comment, Why are the homeless vultures allow to go through our garbage at night while we sleep? Why are the homeless allow to camp out at Memorial Park, between Fuddruckers and Parkway Avenue, off 3rd Avenue. Why are the homeless allowed to take shopping carts from store's? I thought the carts where private property of the stores. Isn't there some local ordinane that prohibits these disturbances? I'm what I will do is just bring my camera and take pictures and send them to local newspaper.

Nunzio Moretti Says:

Sat, May 30 2015 05:33 PM

Briggs is not a public official. The argument above is comparing apples to oranges. Shilling is spot on. The facts are that Republic and Miesen are big time community sugar daddy's. They wanted long awaited reciprocation. They got it from a gutless Mayor and Council. Typical corruption in South Bay.

Bernardo Vasquez Says:

Fri, May 29 2015 09:16 PM

im sure you read the article in Voice of San Diego about the attorney representing Mr. Shilling in his lawsuit. It seems Mr. Briggs has a few skeletons in his closet and might lack some of the transparency he expects of city leaders. It really casts a shadow on him, his organization, Mr. Shilling and the true intention of his involvement in this lawsuit. Can we all say 'the pot calling the kettle black?'

Concerned citizen Says:

Fri, May 22 2015 09:15 PM

It's good to have cameras on cops. good for everyone.Lets hope they turn them on when they are supposed to have them on.

LJ Livingston Says:

Thu, May 21 2015 08:30 AM

Not one member that was so concerned about this issue attended the May 20th public session. The board is creating a committee to revamp the complaint form so that matters like this in the future for the Board and the Public are more helpful and clear.
The matter will be sent out to higher agencies for their review of the behind closed doors appointment of Councilmen Steve Miesen.

Nick Says:

Mon, May 18 2015 09:06 AM

Your commentary is lacking in imagination. Do you understand that Hotels aren't merely a place for vacationers to stay in exotic locales? Like many in San Diego county, I am originally from our of state. Luckily, I have a spare room that my friends and family are able to use when they visit. If I didn't, where would they stay? The 'breathtaking resorts" off of the 805 and Bonita Rd? Surrounded by meth-heads in the "boutique" hotels near that line the trolley/ Route 5? Or more realistically, in a far flung location in San Diego proper. I'd appreciate an earnest commentary on the potential reality of more housing and hotels, instead of a sarcastic takedown of the East Side.
You die a little when you travel to the East side? I die a little when I look at the blight and decay on the West side. I wish there was a news source that I could turn to for info on my community in Otay Ranch that didn't have the disdainful view of it as a dull and meaningless suburban wasteland. Instead, I learn about major things like the plan to build "Rapid" this fall, and the formal public hearings that were already held regarding it, in the SBX 125 email newsletter. Other than seeing the "Future Rapid Transit Corridor" signs in the median for years, I never even knew that there was a real plan to ever build it, or heard any debate about the detriments and benefits of light rail in East Chula Vista from the Star News. And now that the construction headaches and crime increases that come with a trolley line/ stations are right around the corner in Otay Ranch, and I'm seeing a half-hearted article about Hotel proposals.

Gene Gavaldon Says:

Sat, May 16 2015 02:36 PM

Excellent article on a exceptional man Coach Jerry

Robin Krall Says:

Mon, May 04 2015 11:04 AM

This means the city counselmember must live in that perspective division to run for office.

sosocal Says:

Sun, May 03 2015 09:01 AM

I hope we get to see the map soon--or see the final choices.

Will this mean that the city council will listen to the constituents a bit better?

How about less overdevelopment in the "eastern zone"? Those recent multifamily developments that were railroaded through despite what the community wanted--look hideous, and block the views to the lake that people who bought in that area were assured would be retail and restaurants.

It would be nice if the subterfuges could be avoided, and actual truth be heard. Don't sell people one thing and give them something else. That's considered at the very least "bad form"--and in some cases "fraud".

I don't think we want a community built on fraud, do you?

sosocal Says:

Fri, May 01 2015 10:27 AM

Well-reasoned--but entrenched interests remain entrenched.

The Bayfront project and the possible university development project (possibly incorporating the Olympic Training Center) are high stakes--and the entrenched interests have no plans to walk away from all that sweet charity.

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