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| Wed, Dec 31 1969 04:00 PM

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Erupting Says:

Tue, Apr 15 2014 10:22 AM

Carlos the biggest offender I believe was Sandoval. I agree anniej. Good question how do we avoid this from happening again?

anniej Says:

Sun, Apr 13 2014 02:00 PM

Mr. Davalos, IF you were a defendant and saw the charade was being led by a Judge who appears to think 'this is only about proper paperwork not being filled out and no students were hurt' wouldn't you jump on the 'plead out train'?

This Judge SHOULD NOT be reelected, she has lost the trust of the community when swore to serve. So, next time she runs, (2017) do NOT vote for her.

sosocal Says:

Sun, Apr 13 2014 12:56 PM

We got here because the so-called leaders of this district have been more concerned with side deals on various projects than they have been with the education of the school children. Selfish, self-seeking behavior, at the expense of the educational system and the taxpayers.

Yes, we elected the trustees. But did we elect them, wanting them to take everything that wasn't nailed down? I don't think so.

We were fooled by people who learned they could manipulate things for their own benefit. Now some of them have learned they shouldn't have done that. They have been getting off rather lightly. When it comes time to fill the seats on the dais, we need to ask more questions and make sure we are electing people capable of asking hard questions and not selling themselves to anyone paying for dinner.

If we want our community to flourish, that is. If we want our community to become a laughingstock and an educational backwater, lead by stumblebums and cheats, we can just leave things as they are.

Kevin Says:

Fri, Apr 11 2014 04:08 PM

It is unfortunate that once again those in position authority have exchanged their responsibility to the people for self financial gain. It makes it very difficult to trust even respected community leaders, not to mention those we trust with our already frail education system. Shame!

anniej Says:

Thu, Apr 10 2014 02:03 PM

We, too, the taxpaying community, are thankful that the reign of corruption is coming to an end. Let all politicians be mindful that their representation is a responsibility and that we will NO longer stand for anything short of honesty, integrity and true character in those that choose to 'serve' -

knowthetruth Says:

Tue, Apr 08 2014 08:59 PM

If we strike, we couldn't have anymore fun with the rallies. We would much rather do the latter. The next rally planned is April 21. Hopefully one will happen sooner, along with the one already planned.

anniej Says:

Tue, Apr 08 2014 05:14 PM

The priorities of the VOTING parents is simple - student teacher ratios. AND we do NOT want to be told of 'averages'. We want each class size, each classroom to have a maximum, it should be posted for students to see - if that number is exceeded the District would then be held accountable.

I mentioned 'voting' parents for a reason. We are looking to the remaining Board members to assist in setting a limit that is condusive to quality education. Will our Board represent our students and ourselves? We shall soon see.

sosocal Says:

Tue, Apr 08 2014 12:59 PM

Crude disinformation attempts notwithstanding...people are figuring out the schemes of Fast Eddy and the trailing lackeys.

For some reason, we still have great teachers in the Sweetwater District--no thanks to what passes for our district leadership. These are people who have really earned their degrees from reputable institutions, and know their subject matter. In sharp contradistinction to the Fast Eddy brigade.

wherestheparty Says:

Sun, Apr 06 2014 11:37 AM

Tailgating? There's a group that gets hammered in the parking lot during the rallies? I want in!

sosocal Says:

Sat, Apr 05 2014 05:30 PM

Wish I could have seen your video!

sosocal Says:

Sat, Apr 05 2014 05:25 PM

Has anyone asked Ed Brand if he and sidekicks McCann and Cartmill are planning on playing more games while they cancel board meetings?

Because I would very much like to know just what they thought they would accomplish by all that nonsense.

More distraction, I suppose. But this time all eyes are on the prize, and the prize is an honest and well-run school district, something Sweetwater hasn't seen in about 25 years.

We need the kind of change that brings honesty back into this school district. We need to know the ins, outs of all the financials, all the real estate deals, the total Ed Brand schemata of ad hoc spending of our tax and bond monies.

Why should anyone believe what Brand and this board say about what the district can afford, when these are the very people who have allowed the misuse of millions of Mello-Roos funds. Misuse and or disappearance, I should say. And what about the "borrowed" $40 - 50 million from the teachers' retirement fund--did that take place so many years ago that the funds are now untraceable and unrecoverable? We need answers to some big questions, and Fast Eddy and friends don't really look like they have any high ground.

knowthetruth Says:

Sat, Apr 05 2014 03:42 PM

Are we tailgating before the next rally again? John, thanks for the providing the mixed drinks last time. We need more CAVE members to get involved.

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