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| Wed, Dec 31 1969 04:00 PM

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Iron Jaw Says:

Mon, Sep 28 2015 01:13 PM

Southwestern Collage Football. Answer this question? Why is your progarm losing good players to schools like Grossmont,Palomar and Mesa? Could it be because after 3 great years of having outstanding football players,that these players got the word out that going to a D-1 school is out of the question! In the last 3 years how many of these outstanding players have you and your coaching staff helped get into one of the better D-1 programs,the answer is ZERO! Now look at the Mesa, Palomar and Grossmont programs,there is your answer,all it takes is a little research and these players do do research, there's the answer. I say SWC is'nt going to have a winning program for awhile, watch and see, these kids work too hard too be forgotten once there two years are up!! Carberry you and your staff know what I'm saying. You like that feeling you had with the winners the last 3 years not including this year, quit taking all the credit and get these kids in good programs or at least help them, the ones I know that are in good programs did it on there own!!

camera obscura Says:

Sun, Sep 27 2015 03:11 PM

So he wins his seat by all of two votes--recount still gives him the two vote lead, while the man in charge of the recount is not without issues himself.

Rather than settle in and get to work helping the people he purportedly wishes to represent, he embarks upon a lawsuit (wishing to punish the losing side?).

Would winning the lawsuit have done anything for McCann? Aside from bolstering his sense of entitlement? Not really.

It is very odd that his political advisors couldn't get him to drop the nonsense and just do his job. But this is McCann we are talking about, and not someone who operates along rational lines.

Big Dee Says:

Sun, Sep 27 2015 07:57 AM

It took three years before the kid's are figureing it out at SWC. This is not the program you want to be in if you're looking to get to the D-1 level. Now if you want to be forgotten after your two years are up,after many broken promises, then come on over, I'm being honest when this is a broken program and it's going to stay that way for awhile, six kids on the team last year transferred either to Grossmont,Palomar and even Mesa,the reason is simple, these kids believe they have what it takes to get into a D-1 program but they are not dumb as some of Southwestern coaches may believe, they see the writing on the wall, go ahead and go to SWC and see what happens after your time is up, the last 3 years these kids made Carberry look good, 4 losses and a ton of wins, three Conference titles and three bowl victorys, cool, yeah,but where are these players today, don't for one second tell yourself they are at D-1 schools, that would be a lie, Carberry is always talking about how his number one thing is to get these young men into a program they will fit them, that is nothing but Bull!!!!. Most of these kids do there own recruiting and thast a damn shame, espeacially when someone is on the payrow to do this, in a school and thats a damn shame espeally after reading all the bull this guy claim he does, hes great a tooting his own horn,

anniej Says:

Sat, Sep 26 2015 04:51 PM

As long as there are copies of Mr. Grossman's book filled with his infamous quotes, I would highly recommend Mr. Grossman be content to watch NFL games and tell stories beginning with, "YOU KNOW WHEN I PLAYED"

anniej Says:

Sat, Sep 26 2015 04:47 PM

This legal issue is reminiscent of a 'restraining order' Mr. McCann sought against one of the 5 that brought about major changes to the Sweetwater District - he lost that one as well and I believe we, the taxpayers, paid for that defense or is it offense, please correct me if I am wrong.

However in reading this story I am left a bit confused - Mr. McCann did not contest the allegation that he took $16 k from SGI or that he took thousands from vendors and/or contractors? WOW or should I say HMMMM ??????

Perhaps now is a good time for Mr. McCann to begin planning for a new career, OUT OF POLITICS!!!!!

Add this story to the comments in the most recent READER story and I believe what we have is 'THE END' for John McCann!!!!

As always - just my opinions.......

anniej Says:

Sun, Sep 20 2015 10:04 AM

it is going to take more than a 'prettier' Third Avenue to bring companies to downtown CV. 3,000 multi-family residential units - hmmmm, sounds more akin to inner city Projects like the ones found in Chicago and Detroit.

anniej Says:

Sun, Sep 20 2015 09:47 AM

Maybe they need to get in their cars and drive 'THRU' the west side, which is looking like hell, and then ask themselves if they really deserved those raises -

anniej Says:

Sun, Sep 20 2015 09:43 AM

City is falling apart and they vote themselves in a raise - well,,,,,,,, so much for fiscal responsibility. Taxpaying voters, remember this little tidbit next time you see any of these names on a future ballot.

The Homeless Guy Says:

Sun, Sep 13 2015 12:08 PM

The straight scoop from the cops about this sensitive issue. Good writing.

lame Says:

Fri, Sep 11 2015 08:01 PM


Quit blaming this on the old regime. While I don't hold the new regime responsible, your post is silly. Next.....

sosocal Says:

Wed, Sep 09 2015 05:18 PM

Interesting that the change was made in such a way that not only were the substitute teachers not informed, but it appears that the school board and perhaps even the superintendent did not know.

How and why would that happen?

Maybe lines of communication are still blocked by some who remain sympathetic with the departed Brand/Gandara/Brand regime?

Maybe the temporary raise simply ran its course...but why wouldn't the Superintendent get a heads up?

Oddfool Says:

Wed, Sep 09 2015 04:14 PM

We moved from South Bay to East County last year, and daughter wanted to finish her senior year at the high school with the friends she grew up with. We made arrangements for her to take bus/trolley home. It helped her with the same traits your daughter learned, as well as being able to find her way with public transit. Great learning for going to college in New York. (Just started in Brooklyn 2 weeks ago.)

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