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| Wed, Dec 31 1969 04:00 PM

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elevation Says:

Sun, Jul 05 2015 10:09 AM


Just read your message. It has nothing to do with any of the above. Although I strongly disagree with you about your SBCS take, but that's a small fish to fry. Be patient, and stay tuned.

If you read my posts, I called this stuff out a year and a half ago. It's about to get very ugly for some specific individuals employed by the district (as well as a person who is no longer there).

sosocal Says:

Sun, Jul 05 2015 09:11 AM

I wonder if Mr. Miesen regrets to agreeing to be a member of the Chula Vista city council. It seems to bring him plenty of public approbation. Is there some private side of things that makes everything better?

For some reason, the Chula Vista city council seemed to want a "lame duck" from the get-go. Easier to get all those changes to the city plan through, I would imagine--if the person voting, or recusing himself doesn't really care one way or another.

It's that get along to go along mentality that nearly destroyed Sweetwater.

Haven't we learned from that?

We need actual functioning minds who really have the best interests of the community in mind, not the special interests who are interested in giving away all that is good about Chula Vista and replacing it with more housing. More and more housing. High density housing. Housing, nothing but housing. No parks, no pools...sites with views given away for what?

To whom?

Someone is benefitting, and it isn't the citizens of Chula Vista. Someone is selling Chula Vista down the river.

Sure would be nice to know who all the players are, so we can have a word or two.

sosocal Says:

Fri, Jul 03 2015 05:08 PM

In many cultures, the stories that tell about that culture also include a character labeled "trickster"--because it is important to let children know, as they grow up, that there will be people who try to get the better of them through dishonest or confusing means.

Sometimes our local politicians can be sort of like that--shape-changers, chameleons, appearing in one place to be one thing, and yet showing different colors somewhere else.

What can we do about these shape-changers? These people who always hide part of themselves from their constituency.

Are they taking direction from other shape-changers?
Do they know their own minds on the issues, or are they "guided" by those who have contributed to their campaigns?

I do not have the answers, but I sure do wish I did.

It might be good for all if the shape-changers actually told the whole truth for once.

sosocal Says:

Fri, Jul 03 2015 05:01 PM

Ok, elevation, I'll bite--what's the new story?

Is it the lack of documentation for the afterschool programs run by South Bay Community Services?

Is it more real estate mess?

Is it more iPad and technology mess?

Does it have anything to do with Mello-
Roos funds not being accounted for properly for the past, oh, 30 years?

Because Sweetwater has lots of problems to solve.

Does it have anything to do with jobs being given to friends and relatives when those individuals did not go through channels and were not trained or qualified?

What have I missed?

The truth is that Sweetwater needs a full corporate recovery. The entire mentality of the school district needs to change from one of corruption to one of honesty and best efforts going forward.

And I know plenty of people have been giving their best effort and have been honest throughout this entire debacle--and I am thankful for all those honest and hardworking people.

Let's hope we are in recovery and reform phase now.

Dorothy Says:

Thu, Jul 02 2015 08:29 PM

Do you rent a wheelchair that will be able to go through the deep sand on the beach?
The person needing the chair weighs 150 lbs.

elevation Says:

Sat, Jun 27 2015 12:56 PM

Informative story yes.

Stay tuned for a bigger story involving the Sweetwater District (that has nothing to do with the new superintendent) in 1-2 weeks.

Aww yeah!

Carmina Castillo Says:

Mon, Jun 22 2015 11:46 AM

Any admistrator, principal or director can get principal or administrator of the year. You only have to say "YES" to your bosses! Sad, but true. Yes, look at all the schools that Janney has been a principal, scores for students are very low. Wake up people, SEA has bought Janney and 4 school board members. Just wait until negotiations, big pay raises are in the future. Students are not the priority. I understand that an attorney from San Diego City Schools will be hired on the recommendation of Interim Sup Stover. Janney should start standing up and show people who is the boss, unless she is also listening to Board members from San Diego a City Schools.

devilinthedetails Says:

Sun, Jun 21 2015 08:25 PM

Fact Checker - So are you saying that Janney being principal of the year is invalid because the similar school ranking was not high enough, or that since she had a low ranking but was principal of the year that the similar school ranking might not be as important as some here are speculating? What was she principal of the year for? Sweetwater?

Emilio Carrion Says:

Sat, Jun 20 2015 06:43 AM

Sosocal, I'm sorry to refute the comment where you state that Janney stood up to Gandara? This is not true! She was demoted along with another Assistant Sup. Janney did not want to dismantle a program that was not benefitting STUDENTS. Teachers were almost getting a two hour block prep period. Please check the facts. In regards to the your comment, the union being involved to make better decisions for students. Maybe that is your opinion, however I did not see this with your last SEA election? Please check your facts. This editorial is about the board not being transparent with the process they used. Everyone knew that she was the chosen one to get the superintendent position. No public was involved other than the inclusive group . Unfortunately but true. I've been around this district for the past 30 years. This was the opportunity to make things better by this board, however they chose to do the same as past board, to employ friends or relatives.

Lynyrd skynyrd Says:

Fri, Jun 19 2015 05:36 PM

John popper keep preaching brotha!

Fact Checker Says:

Fri, Jun 19 2015 01:54 PM

How can someone be selected principal of the year when their similar school ranking is a 2 out 10. And then a 1 out of 10 the next year? No school in the entire district had such low rankings after 2005 and 2006 as Montgomery High did. Am I missing something here?

John Popper Says:

Fri, Jun 19 2015 11:37 AM

Corruption is corruption no matter what names are involved.

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