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sosocal Says:

Sun, Sep 28 2014 09:52 PM

One of the best things about studying journalism is that people are supposed to check their sources. I am willing to bet that most, if not all, of this information came from McCann--because as anniej has written, it was not McCann who handled this situation.

He so likes taking credit, however.

Please take note, all those who will be voting in the upcoming election: McCann is very good at taking credit for accomplishing things, while the accomplishing part belongs to someone else entirely.

Just so you are aware.

anniej Says:

Sun, Sep 28 2014 03:11 PM

Thank You Mr. Peraza for your efforts. While McCann, will once again, attempt to take credit - let me be clear Mr. McCann was NOT the SUHSD representatives that were reached out to - it was Dr. Glover and Mr. Joe Heinz - both saw it as a concern.

Ron Says:

Sat, Sep 27 2014 12:26 PM

"Caucasians?" Really? Why not "orientals" and "mexicans?"

the weed Says:

Sat, Sep 27 2014 07:17 AM

Oh my gosh! Thank you for exposing Ms. McVeigh! What planet is she from...what books did she read? Don't want to comment about her anymore!

the weed Says:

Wed, Sep 10 2014 07:33 AM

back on line...good to know they are there for us. Thanks for the info Tom.

anthony Says:

Tue, Sep 09 2014 10:32 AM


DC96 Says:

Sun, Sep 07 2014 03:38 PM

I just got back from watching the Jaguars/Grossmont game at the new refurbished Stadium, that was the cool part. The game was fun and exciding but getting inside took all the enjoyment out of the evening, I'm not a person that likes to complain but this time I have to speak. Me and my Son waited over 1 and a half hours to get inside!!! The line moved every five minutes and the people around me were pissed. I can't believe the people in charge didn't see this coming, these clowns had 3 window selling tickets and when you made it to the promise land the line all of a sudden became a major mess and mass of bodies and what was funny was every police officer SWC had working was looking at this mess with amusement,they should of acted like they were giving poor students tickets for minor infractions, then maybe they could of been of some help! Its been fun at times especially the last 2 years, but folks you lost a fan, at least when it comes to paying for a ticket, I'll just wait for the sports section to find out the score!!!!!!

Stephanie Ruston Says:

Sat, Sep 06 2014 06:09 PM

In California, the law states that "a governing board of a school district or a county office of education may offer independent study to meet the educational needs of pupils" (EC 51745 (a)). So far so good. Secondly, the charter petition for Beacon Classical Academy states that Beacon will be offering full-time independent study options to all of its pupils. That sounds fine too.

But what is "independent study,"exactly? Is it primarily an alternative way of being funded--based on student work instead of mandated attendance--as Dr. Van Nice seems to be suggesting, or is it an alternative way for students to learn, a way for them to study independently? (As the name itself suggests.)

According to the law, "Independent study" means an alternative to classroom instruction consistent with the district's course of study (5 CCR 11700 (c)).

So there we have it. However, at the learning center at 2400 Euclid Avenue, on any school day but Wednesday (a designated Beacon home study day), no evidence of such independent study can be found. Instead, we see teachers delivering the district's curriculum to students via ordinary classroom instruction.

So while Judge Richard Strauss was correct to be concerned about denying parents' educational options for their children by closing Beacon down prematurely, "independent study" (as defined in the law) was not one of the options in danger.

While independent study is an option that any district may offer to its students, and while Beacon could indeed be delivering the district's curriculum to its students via independent study, it isn't doing that.

sosocal Says:

Sat, Sep 06 2014 09:30 AM

Judge Hayes got this one right; one can only hope Judge Espana is paying attention.

As to whether Cartmill and Lopez should be allowed to run again for board positions, the law apparently allows them to.

I heard that Mr. Anderson castigated the public at the last board meeting for not being more vocal in denouncing Cartmill and Lopez for running.

The public may not be thrilled, but perhaps this situation will take care of itself if we get the community forums and have the chance to bring forward our questions to the candidates.

It might be interesting to hear responses to point-blank questions. Do you think we will get any real answers?

A little late to publish Says:

Sat, Sep 06 2014 07:01 AM

This article should have been published one week ago when the news were fresh in our minds:

Red Devils open prep football season with impressive 19-0 over SFC Phillip Brents | Fri, Sep 05 2014 03:14 PM

Elevation Says:

Wed, Aug 27 2014 06:09 PM

Mr. Chapell and Mrs. Galvez are both virtuous leaders in their community who speak the truth about the issues that need to be addressed with solutions as well. Educators need to continue to make the needs of the students and parents the top priority in Sweetwater.

anniej Says:

Wed, Aug 27 2014 10:49 AM

Unhappy student, yes the strike took its toll on many students that is fact. I would offer the opinion that it also took its toll on teachers and good administeators as well, then of course the many parents who found themselves unable to do a darn thing about any of it.

Sweetwater has been broken FOR YEARS! It was being led by superintendents and board members who cared little about education and seemed to give little, if any thought to their fiscal decisions. What said parties did focus on was SELF - dinners, tickets, beauty pageants fees for daughters, wine, hosting District events at their church etc. - but what about the students?

Now it would be easy to simply blame the unions, and please understand they are not perfect; however, what of the games and schemes decision makers made that brought about all of the unrest and the 'working to the contract'? The union alleged the District had the money, the District cried broke. The controversy is settled and low and behold the District finds the money to negotiate a 9 million dollar new District office. The District cries broke but engages in a contract that will pay consultants 1/3 of the profits on property deals they are in the process of trying to make.

AND, where are the parents, where are the taxpayers? While attendance at Board meetings has grown - we are considered to be one of the largest school Districts in the nation; and therefore in my opinion every seat in the audience should be filled with a posterior.

We can sit and point fingers all we want and jump in the sludge of 'it's all the unions fault' but at the end of the day WE ALL NEED TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THIS TRAIN WRECK. We will call a network and raise hell if a Charger game is blacked out, yet we fail to show up, stand up and speak up at school Board meetings for our very OWN CHILDREN. Priorities people, priorities. A current article in The READER regarding certain 'persons' (I would have used the word leaders, but it would have been a real stretch) shines a spotlight on must how bad things have gotten, the article shows several well know persons in the picture - read the comments, its a real eye opener.

We are all set to go to the polls in November, have you begun educating yourself on the candidates? Have you read their statement? For some it presents itself as chest beating - but the challenge is - do they know the issues? What are their individual strategies for correcting the problems? Which one of theM are truly in it for the students and which ones are in it for self?


Think about it, was it ALL the unions fault? Or did we all have ownership in what was broken?

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