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| Wed, Dec 31 1969 04:00 PM

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sosocal Says:

Mon, Mar 30 2015 03:14 PM

Mr. Basinski's wit and grace on the page will be missed. My condolences to his family, friends and co-workers.

sosocal Says:

Mon, Mar 30 2015 03:06 PM

Yes, you are right, business as usual. We, the general public, have a slight chance that SDG&E will start behaving itself a bit better IF the CPUC miscreants get the walloping they so well deserve. Wouldn't it be great!

Jack Turner Says:

Mon, Mar 30 2015 02:43 PM

Thank you for recognizing the passing of Tom. He was a good friend to many of us. Respected, admired,(at times feared, because of his exceptional wit)but always loved. We miss him now and will continue, until we meet again.

Barbara Slosar little Says:

Mon, Mar 30 2015 12:00 PM

Rember Tom always with a smile on his face. He always had a hello for upper classmates and the under classmates as well. Played a lot of sports in school with my brother Bill Slosar who also recently passed away. Bill always spoke highly of him. RIP

Ed Montpas Says:

Mon, Mar 30 2015 11:49 AM

Good Man
Good Classmate
Good Friend
He will be missed but not forgotten.

Mike Goergen Says:

Mon, Mar 30 2015 10:58 AM

Tom Basinski was a loyal classmate of the St. Agnes Class of 1964 in Flint, Michigan. In High School he was a leader in the classroom and in the sports he loved. He contributed to and embodied the spirit of our class. Indeed, since then, his golf prowess kept Team 1964 out of last place in the annual All Class Conference! We are very proud of all of Tom's accomplishments. But mostly we are thankful for having known him. He graced and enhanced our lives for more than 50 years. That relationship is priceless and makes his passing poignant and extra sorrowful. May he rest in peace.

Elevation Says:

Sat, Mar 28 2015 07:58 PM

Great story! Great cause! These scholarships have assisted several young adults in the South Bay area over the last few years!

Florence MLaughlin Says:

Sat, Mar 28 2015 06:45 PM

I live in NJ; Tom Basinski was my cousin.I am interested in your story (obit) which is incomplete and instructs to click for continuation. Try as I may, that is ineffective. Is there a way I can get the complete story? The one about his last story written by fellow columnist is complete (an as all of Tom's, delightful. Thank you.

SEAmen Says:

Mon, Mar 23 2015 06:41 PM

Yep. The district should investigate SEA leadership for misuse of funds. Didn't they tried to make up a bogus claim last year about someone misusing funds? There's more to that story...soon soon soon :-)))

sosocal Says:

Mon, Mar 23 2015 07:27 AM

I really do hope that of the many concerns facing Mr. Stover, one will be the status of all the lawsuits facing the district. I believe the softball field lawsuit is still a going concern despite the field itself having been refurbished and very playable for a number of years now. So--getting a handle on all the lawsuits, disentangling the district from the real estate schemes/fiascos, removing admin staff who are still trying to run things based upon the wishes of departed superintendents...yes there are quite a few areas that really need correcting in Sweetwater. Let's hope everyone remembers just how much John McCann put into correcting those problems, because that would be approximately zero calories dedicated to that cause.

Melody Nolan Says:

Sat, Mar 21 2015 03:46 PM

Nancy, the fact that you chose this subject for your article proves that you are a success as a parent -- and a writer!
~ Melody

SEAmen Says:

Sat, Mar 21 2015 02:11 PM

How about an intern SEA president next. Our current one, Roberto, always pops off about eating, drinking, traveling, and eating some more. Now we know were all the union dues go to! Why isn't the union more transparent with their budget. See for yourself. https://twitter.com/roberto63

Will be eagerly awaiting the next Star News story. Of course the biased SD Reader won't investigate SEA.

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