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Alien teenagers fight for their lives in 'I Am Number Four' Jeri Jacquin | Sat, Mar 05 2011 01:26 AM

Now playing in theaters from director D.J. Caruso and Dreamworks is a story of learning one's destiny in “I Am Number Four.”

This film tells the story of John (Alex Pettyfer), a not-so-typical teenager who attempts to live a quiet life with his “father,” Henri (Timothy Olyphant). It becomes clear quickly that John has powers and these powers are bringing trouble.

Moving from place to place, both John and Henri are being followed by forces that wish to destroy them. He soon learns there are others like himself, but the first three have been killed — and he is next.

Trying to start again in Paradise, John meets Sarah (Dianna Argon) and he begins to have feelings for her. He also meets Sam (Callan McAuliffe), a young man who is the object of bullying, but Sam and John have a connection.

As the Mogadorian enemy gets closer, John also finds an unlikely ally in Number 6 (Theresa Palmer) who is always one step behind John, but knows their goal is one and the same.

Final word: Pettyfer, as John, portrays his character well. He has the attitude and ability to play this unusual teenager. His next film venture will be the CBS film “Beastly,” so this young man is already making a name for himself.

Olyphant is the stable force as Henri, the warrior assigned to protect John. In this role he demonstrates his ability to be stern, mixed with humor at the same time. It’s never easy dealing with a teenager — an alien teen is no different. Olyphant has just begun his second season of the successful FX series “Justified.”

Argon, as Sarah, plays well off of Pettyfer as the love interest. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t play the meek and mild heartthrob, she handles herself very well.

Another strong female in the film is Palmer — the motorcycle-riding-sword-fighting-bad-girl — in a good way.

Other cast members include: Kevin Durand as the Mogadorian commander, Jake Abel as Mark, Patrick Sebes as Kevin, Emily Wickersham as Nicole, Brian Howe as Frank and Andy Owen as Bret.

Tubs of popcorn: I give “I Am Number Four” three-and-a-half tubs of popcorn out of five.
This is actually a slow moving film and it does leave itself open for a sequel. It is fun with the action sequences and visual affects. It does have a running time of one hour and 44 minutes, so get ready for a ride.

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