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Who will it be? Carlos R. Davalos | Sat, Feb 15 2014 12:00 PM

Sweetwater Union High School District board member John McCann this week declared his candidacy for a seat on the Chula Vista City Council.

I’ve had a couple days to digest and process that little tidbit of political fodder.'

Now that my initial surprise, frustration and amusement have worn off, I’m left, simply, with intrigue.

Yes, I’m getting ahead of myself in imagining McCann’s victory over his opponents. Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder which John McCann voters will get if he’s put back on the council.

Will it be John McCann the unindicted decider who proposed a special election to fill a board vacancy despite the $1 million price tag? But who, along with his colleagues, ultimately dropped the ball by not following through and pushing for a full vote on the issue once they were all convened?

Might it be John McCann crusading sign saver, the same man who called police to report theft of his aged campaign sign when someone removed it from its public perch and brought it to a school board meeting, subsequently placing it in their car?

Or will it be John McCann the  gag man, the public official who enlists the help of attorneys to send cease and desist letters to constituents who write unflattering letters to the editor that are published in a local newspaper as he did while on the board?

Could it be John McCann litigator not fighter, given that he’d rather go to a judge asking for a temporary restraining order —  against a man who threatened to knock him out after refusing to shake hands — rather than simply walking away (a different judge later refused to grant a permanent injunction).

Or will voters get John McCann cinematographer, the man who from his seat on stage videotaped an angry public during a school board meeting in a high school gymnasium?

Or it could very well be John McCann defender of American veterans, if one were to recall that other day in a high school gymnasium  when he characterized a critic’s public comments as anti-American and anti-veteran because the teacher accused McCann of using the school board as a stepping stone in a run for Chula Vista mayor. (Turns out the office was wrong, the sentiment was right.)

I’d like to say it’s McCann policy maker but that would be a challenge. It’s not that McCann isn’t a nice man or doesn’t have interesting ideas, but all too often those don’t immediately — or easily — come to mind because of the distractions he creates and immerses himself in.

Which McCann will it be?

For now it’ll be McCann the enigma.


In a previous version of this story it was written "the judge tossed that request out quicker than a fat kid tosses out diet Twinkies."
A judge granted McCann's request for a temporary restraining order but later a different judge refused to grant a permanent injunction.

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anniej Says:

Wed, Feb 26 2014 11:55 PM

Mr. Garcia: I too was there that evening. After sitting thru yet another dysfunctional board meeting, Mr. McCann came out into the parking lot and obnoxiously began putting his hand into several persons personal space insisting 'shake my hand'. Payne told Mccann more than once he did not want to shake his hand, it was then Mr. McCann, in yet another one of his well know juvenile acts attempted to force Payne to shake his hand. Mr. Garcia, are you aware that YOUR tax dollars were used to attempt to get a permanent restraining order? The Judge threw the case out - obviously she recognized juvenile behavior on McCann's part. McCann has brought embarrassment to us all, in my opinion! he is known for his outlandish actions! many of which are well documented. Payne out to hurt Mccann. Sir, with all due respect, that allegation is about as ridiculous as McCann's claims of accomplishment. ANY time you have a politician soooooo insecure and self serving that he requests his name be placed on the schools marque when he visits, what you have is not a civil servant but rather a self serving, self promoting wanna b. McCann needs to retire from politics and find work he is better suited for - perhaps on a game show called 'TOOT YOUR OWN HORN'.

Frank Garcia Says:

Wed, Feb 26 2014 04:27 AM

I wasn't a support of McCann, but I was there when Stewart Payne tried to knock him out. McCann was being civil and shaking peoples hands when Payne went after McCann. It is too bad that Davalos is promoting violence against McCann. If I do remember correctly the District did get a temporary restraining order against the nut case Payne. I don't support violence against anyone even if I don't agree with them. What I saw was Payne was out to hurt McCann for no legitimate reason.

eyeswideopen Says:

Mon, Feb 17 2014 12:44 PM

The entire community at large knows that Mr. McCann is the little man that couldnt. He didnt do anything on City Council and still hasnt done anything on the SUHSD board. The only thing he does is appear at events on the eastside where large crowds are so we HAVE to listen to his boring bio. He thinks everyone likes him however the snickers and talk around town are to the contrary. The stupidity that this man calls himself a "war hero" is an embarrassment to everyone in the military. No Mr. little man that couldnt I am not challenging your service I am just stating you are not a hero you are self serving. SHAME ON YOU for using your military service in every long winded bio you make this community sit through. You are a disgrace to public office and to your peers. Your self serving ways have come back to haunt you.

Bob Castaneda Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 03:52 PM

Why do these career politicians, or more properly characterized, wannabes, continue to recycle themselves ad nauseum?

I have met exciting successful small business who are now looking to give back to the community; Chula Vista, take another look, buy new tires, not retreads.

bernardo vasquez Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 02:17 PM

In my humble opinion, John McCann is a poor choice for City Council. He has done absolutely nothing for the Sweetwater Union High School District other than support Ed Brands foolish decisions as others have noted.

He has also used his trustee seat as a passive aggressive bully. I was on the receiving end of a cease and decist letter from his attorney, and was threatened to be sued for libel and slander, because he did not like what I wrote about him.

As a public servant, he is too sensitive to crtiticsm, and is not respected by anyone in the community. He is self serving and clearly does not care for anyone other than himself. He uses others to do his dirty work.

John McCann is not a leader and is a terrible choice for City Council. Good riddance from the Sweetwater Board!!

Eruptig Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 11:52 AM

Art maybe you should retread the article paragraph 10. That states what really happened . Mr.Davalos doesn't make up stories. There were to many people there who observed what really happened. Sorry your attempts to make McCann look like the great defender did not happen.

Gretel Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 10:46 AM

"Might it be John McCann crusading sign saver, the same man who called police to report theft of his aged campaign sign when someone removed it from its public perch and brought it to a school board meeting, subsequently placing it in their car"

He forgot to mention that when he was calling to report this to police he left his seat during a presentation for school safety. He made his measly sign more important than the safety of students. How hard would it have been for him to put his personal ego aside and deal with the sign later. How can we have him represent the community any where when he places his own needs first.

Ben Cassel Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 10:41 AM

NO ONE at any board meeting ever jeered the Pledge of Allegiance; that was a stunt that McCann created for self-aggrandizement when the board had forgotten to say the pledge and he interrupted the meeting to pretend to be a patriot.
John McCann served on active duty for one year; I served on active duty four times as long as he did. He was never in danger of anything worse than a bad paper cut; I served in peace time. I believe that both of us deserve recognition for our service, but neither one of us is remotely close to being a "war hero."
I trust that his desire to run for City Council precludes him from running for reelection to the Board, and that the fine citizens of Chula Vista soundly defeat him in his run for the council.

sosocal Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 09:30 AM

To answer your question, Mr. Davalos, maybe the John McCann who is again running for a seat on the Chula Vista city council is John McCann the Hothead Narcissist who continues to think he deserves time in the spotlight...for what?

Just what has McCann accomplished, aside from some publicity as a rather dysfunctional member of a very dysfunctional school board?

I can't come up with a single positive thing. He gave lots of money to Gandara, as Gandara was heading out of town--when Gandara could have been removed for cause. Not a positive.

He brought back Ed Brand. Not a positive.

The rest of his record? Penny ante all the way. For the record, what is really frosting people's socks is when McCann or his alter egos bring up his military service.

What was that phrase..."Never have so many owed so much to so few!" In McCann's case it is more like "Never have so many heard so much about so little!"

anniej Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 09:20 AM

Inadvertently hit the 'post comment' tab before typing.

JUST MY OPINION - respectfully submitted.

anniej Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 09:16 AM

Art Garcia: you are correct Sir, Mr. McCann should be thanked for his service. Having said that, one can serve in the military and yet not be fit for public office. I would encourage you to research what McCann has done as a school board member - NOTHING! He has cost us money in his frivolous law suit, embarrassed the entire Board with his juvenile actions i.e. like taking pictures of community members who spoke in public comment, wasting Police resources with a claim that a member of the South Bay community stole one of his illegally placed campaign signs, but most importantly he failed to deliver. He promised transparency and fiscal responsibility but chose instead to become Ed Brands puppet. His votes reflect the true John McCann. John McCann continues to be the Eddy Haskell of South Bay politics -

Erupting, I too will be looking to Ms. Quinones and her vote. Hopefully she is learning that while Ed Brand promises many things he only delivers when it benefits him. Surely Ms. Quinones has heard the rumors about who is being set up to run against her.

Grossman running against MCCANN, hmmmm, and who did Brand select as his choice on the 7-11 committee? Well by golly Mr. Grossman. Surely a wiser politician would have seen that he was being used by Brand but alas this is John McCann we are talking about. McCann has failed to be his own man - and this is someone the taxpayers of the South Bay can ill afford to have sitting on the Council.

Erupting Says:

Sun, Feb 16 2014 08:43 AM

Fiscal conservative McCann what a joke. He wants a special election that will cost a fortune. Since McCann's arrival the SUHSD is over 10 million in debt an all time high and he's pushing for another 18 million for a new district office. His spouting efforts about increasing academic scores is an even bigger joke. We have more schools in program improvement than ever. I hope Burt Grossman who is running agains McCann for the city council doesn't win because Sweetwater needs to get rid of McCann.This may seem selfish but the city council already knows McCann's short comings and will void his votes. At Sweetwater McCann votes as a block with Cartmill for all of Brand's misadventures. Now that Arlie is gone maybe Pearl and Bertha can prevent some of the upcoming critical situations like buying a new district office on the backs of teachers and certificated staff. They have always supported staff. When Pearl finds out that Brand has the new lady on the BOC running for her seat if and when the legal matters are over she will not be pleased. I Blieve she already knows what a snake he is,but you never can truly count on Pearl.

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