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There Goes Rudy Again Says:

Mon, May 02 2016 10:16 AM

So this is different than what Rudy did? It's not. I am embarrassed for those people that got up there and attacked Reyes on behalf of Ramirez. Some are naive and some are doing it on behalf of a particular interest group. What they should be worried about is the fact that the district has never been represented....an argument they continue to make even though Ramirez was a Councilmember for 8 years. You should worry less about how long a person has lived there and more about the values, character and history of the individual. Rudy moved to the east and no one protested...you know why? Because the protest was to vote against him because he was a lousy Councilmember not a press conference to help a particular candidate. If this is the best they have then they have already lost. They can't talk about Rudys record because there is nothing there.

Sally Del Rio Says:

Sun, May 01 2016 09:59 AM

Ms. Alvarado hits the nail on the head. Test prep take precious time way from real learning in the classroom. Science and History are important too.

oldchulares Says:

Sun, May 01 2016 09:39 AM

Perhaps the real issue of those concerned need to be considered, allegations that Reyes resides in a beautiful home on the east side and took up the town home address simply to run for the CV school board and now city council.

CVPolitics Says:

Fri, Apr 29 2016 04:28 PM

Interesting story, where to start? Martinez is asking that candidates live in their district for four years, that would render Ramirez, who Martinez has endorsed unable to qualify to run because he moved to Eastlake in 2012 to be able to run for Assembly.
Why did Ramirez move back after he lost? He said he was in the process of buying a house, so did he move over to the Eastlake area just to run? Why would it be different to move into another are to run for a different assembly district? Why did he not run on the 80th district where he resided?
So do we change the rules now that is convenient to Ramirez? What if Ramirez loses the race and then wants to move into District one or two, do we change the rules again to allow for him to run?
I would love to see the candidates focus on the real issues. How are they going to improve the District, what are the priorities, how are you going to reduce red tape to help small business move back into the district. What about revamping Main Street? What are the plans to address the infrastructure debt that the city has?

Oddfool Says:

Thu, Apr 28 2016 03:10 PM

The judge who potentially made the error has already apologized for any error she may have made preventing the student from continuing. Why can't the district recognize that fact. "Due to an unfortunate error calculating the judging, this student was accidentally prevented from moving forward. But she did an outstanding performance. We're so proud of her."

John Popper Says:

Wed, Apr 27 2016 08:05 PM

The fact that those two positive comments were written one minute apart proves it is John McCann himself. What a sociopath. I can imagine him sitting at his little computer typing those up. Do we have a city councilman or a catfisher? Obviously he is not very mature. But don't tell him that he might throw a rock at you (I have seen the video of him doing it before).

John Popper Says:

Wed, Apr 27 2016 05:39 PM

So clearly Sebastian and Bob G are either McCann himself, his wife, or staffers. Great job John.

unionprez Says:

Tue, Apr 26 2016 10:16 PM

The Fair Political Practices Commission should investigate the Sweetwater Union President and investigate how much of the union dues he spends on lunch. He boasts about lunch all the time on twitter.

Bob G Says:

Tue, Apr 26 2016 07:29 PM

Happy to hear that we are now getting a hotel in EastLake. My family is thrilled to finally get a hotel. Informative update for us residents.

Sebastian Says:

Tue, Apr 26 2016 07:28 PM

Thank you Mr. McCann for giving residents on the Eastside an update on our city and thank you for taking the time after the event to speak with me and other residents about our concerns in our neighborhoods. I loved that Captain Kennedy was there too from the Police Department to answer all of our questions.

Jerry Gonzales Says:

Tue, Apr 26 2016 05:09 AM

"...we are not about to humiliate...our judges". But doing the same to Alayda is acceptable, apparently.

Lee Wheeland Says:

Sun, Apr 24 2016 03:11 PM

Where was this "meeting" advertised? I am very interested in the issues in our area and am tired of the lack of representation in this district. Why was there no mention of the issues that are facing people in our district in McCann's talk? Totally unprofessional not to take questions, especially when there are no regular meetings with the voters, unlike another district which holds meetings that are advertised and open to the questions of the voters.

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